just girls weekend…

i go back to my “real job” on monday…i can’t believe my summer is already over! although with this weather lately, it hasn’t really felt much like summer anyway! i decided to treat myself with one last day off.

knowing that i didn’t have anywhere to be friday morning, left my thursday night wide open as well. my best friend jenny and i took her son grayson for a walk on the monon trail. what a great exercise! it was a nice change of scenery too. after that, her parents treated us to dinner at the monon food company. luckily we had burned a lot of calories on our walk, because i indulged in the spicy steak and bacon mac and cheese. delish!

friday, i met my other good friend angela, at the pool in our neighborhood. it was the perfect day, because it was kind of overcast, so we stayed there quite awhile talking and tanning.


friday night, i met yet another close friend of mine, ashlee, for vietnamese pho. yum yum! and even though we have lived 25 miles apart for years now, she finally made it out to my house for the first time ever! she came bearing gifts of fresh fruits and veggies from her garden, and we traded lessons in crafting. we could’ve had a sleepover, but she had to get back to her kiddos. after she left, a bit before midnight, i stayed up another 3 hours or so crafting, lol. yeah, i’m THAT girl haha

i can’t believe it, but saturday i actually set an alarm to wake up early and run. i just finished week 2 of couch to 5k. groupon is tempting me with different 5k’s too! there is the color run, and there is one at night that’s glow in the dark, and there are beer/wine runs…maybe i could start to like this after all? lol


really i was just preparing and trying to burn some calories before the feast i had at my friend kara’s bridal shower. aren’t these decorations adorable? i even got to see our friend elecia, who is the matron of honor and flew in all the way from new mexico for the occasion.


after that, my sister and i went to see, “sex tape,” and ate dinner at studio movie grill. trying to sneak in as much time with her as i can before she’s off to school next month.

it was a solid few days with all of my favorite ladies!


what baby?

have you ever seen “two weeks notice,” with sandra bullock and hugh grant? it’s one of my favorite rom coms ever. there’s a scene where the pair are interviewing a larger sized lady, and hugh grant mistakenly thinks she’s pregnant, and tells her congratulations on the baby. she gets pretty upset, for obvious reasons, and confronts him with, “what baby?”

one of the main reasons i wanted to get in shape, is because this started happening to me all the time! people would ask if i’m expecting. yes, i’m expecting you to get the heck out of my face thank you very much! clearly, i’m not pregnant, and although one day having a baby will bring me great joy…having a pooch so large people actually think i’m growing a small child inside of me is not a great boost for my self esteem if you know what i’m sayin!

in my previous posts, i’ve been expressing my frustration with hitting a plateau even after maintaining a miniscule 1200 calories a day, and now adding regular workouts on top of that…but i’m pleased to say that when i weighed myself at work this morning, i had lost another 2.5 pounds! that’s a little over 7 pounds total, in about 6 weeks. as you can tell, that made me feel just a little bit better, lol and like i’ve said in the past, it’s not just about the number on the scale, but instead about how i feel about myself, how my clothes fit, and my overall health.

this weekend i needed to wear a dress for some specific errands we had to run. the one i originally wanted to wear, but i got make up on :( fit very loosely…which makes me think i went down a size! this is the one i ended up wearing instead


i want to point out, that the top left picture is from my brother’s graduation about 2 years ago. look how chubby my arms and face are. the bottom left picture is from our good friends’ wedding last fall. i read a passage during the ceremony, but refused to be tagged in the picture on facebook because of my stomach. looking at it now, i am faced with the harsh reality that yes, it does in fact look like i am with child. and finally, the picture on the right is from this weekend. i still have some work to do, but i am getting there, and it feels great!

i wanted to make this post interesting by telling you some amazing household item that weighs 7 pounds, so you could relate to it…but unfortunately i could not find anything. however, what i was able to find, that i for some reason didn’t think of on my own, is that the average newborn baby weighs about 7 pounds lol. isn’t that gross? i’ve pretty much lost the size of a whole human baby! which is funny and ironic, because isn’t that the look i was going for in the first place? ;) lol

so, next time someone makes reference to me being pregnant, i’m going to yell, “what baby?!” lol. no seriously, hopefully there won’t be a next time, because i’m bringing sexy back ;) lol

#cowabunga dude!



4 day weekend!

being able to make your own hours sure has its perks! i decided to not only take off friday, the 4th of july, but also today, the monday after the holida weekend!

thursday night we headed to noblesville to hang out with our good friends jason and kate. we went to moondog tavern to enjoy food, drinks, and a live band. it was a good time as always! (here’s kate showing off her festive red and blue nails, lol)

wpid-img_20140703_194032.jpgwpid-img_20140703_194258.jpglooking at myself in this picture made me realize that even after 5 weeks of counting calories, and losing a little over 5 pounds, i’m still not where i would like to be. i realized that along with watching what i eat, and eating healthier, i was going to have to do it the old fashioned way…putting in some exercise. of course i was not at all excited about that! i thought of all the people i’ve known who have lost a significant amount of weight, and one think they all had in common, is that they started running.

wpid-20140708_000730.jpgon friday i downloaded the “from couch to 5k in 30 days,” app and got started right away. it hurt, and it sucked, but i felt a lot better about myself afterwards. i just realized i made the mistake of doing three days in a row, when i was only supposed to do 3 days per week, lol. no wonder i was dreading it so much and hurting so bad! “week one,” aka the last three days lol consisted of a 5 minute brisk walk for warm up, followed by 1 minute of running to 90 seconds of brisk walking alternating for 20 minutes, finishing with a 5 minute brisk walk for cool down. we shall see what “next week,” holds in store for me. i complained about it a lot on instagram (missbiro is my name if you want to follow me!) and everyone kept saying it will get better…i sure hope so!

here are a few progress pictures. still have a ways to go!


wpid-img_20140706_183811.jpgsaturday i got a TON of crafting done, and went to visit kara and elliott in westfield for a cook out and ufc.

sunday i got to go to breakfast and the craft store with my best friend jenny and my nephew grayson. i even inspired jenny so start couch to 5k too! and i get to babysit grayson for a few hours after work tomorrow so that should be fun! he’s such a cutie!!

wpid-screenshot_2014-07-06-20-21-26.pngand finally today, i got to go to the zoo with the schnell troop! luckily we missed all of the rain, and even got to see all of the orangutans in the new exhibit! i gave archer her new umbrella anyway, and she loved it! after that, i gave ashlee a quick crafting lesson. then they made me a delicious greek pita dinner (for meatless monday) and fresh berries with homemade whipped cream for dessert. yum! i was spoiled this (extended) weekend, for sure!

wpid-img_20140707_175448.jpg wpid-img_20140707_183148.jpgback to work tomorrow. it’s already after midnight because i’ve stayed up blogging. i’m gonna be hurtin!


back to the grindstone

school’s out for summer, and i decided to take a week off before heading back to my hospital job. i had such a fun and productive week! you can read about all the crafting i got done here.

on wednesday, with some work people, we went to an indian’s game. we won at the bottom of the 8th. it was super fun, and almost got rained out, so i’m glad we were able to make it!



on thursday, i got to have a play date with ashlee. we worked on pottery, which i still haven’t finished yet! urgh! and went to dinner. you all know i am counting calories, but i had a super light breakfast and lunch, and saved up so i could have my favorite…salt and pepper shrimp. to die for!


also, tori stopped by for a bit, so that’s always a good time!


friday, we had a retirement party for mr. gilbert at work. i made my mom’s famous salsa, which is actually more like pico de gallo. a lot of people said it was too hot, but the bowl was completely empty when it was time to go home…so i guess they liked it afterall. i told my mom, and she said, “if you can’t stand the heat,” well you know the rest.


friday night, brian and i went to dinner before he left for the weekend.

this was me having way too much fun, lol


saturday, i cleaned the house, did laundry, went to the pool and read/laid out, mowed the grass, and cleaned my car inside and out.


i also went to bath and body works for the semi annual super sale. i only went to get wallflower refills, since i seem to go through them like crazy, but of course i ended up getting a bunch of other stuff. such as this beauty


and that brings us today when i pretty much slept in, did some crafting, a whole lot of blogging! and made dinner for father’s day. roast, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cake…all of my dad’s favorites. this is what i made for him and his horses


in other calorie counting news…i don’t remember what day it was this past week, but we had p.f. chang inspired beef lettuce wraps. they are so delish! i had them when i was doing paleo, and haven’t had them since. if you want the recipe i will seriously give it to you, because they are so easy and tasty


my friend paige also gave me some protein powder that is different than the kind i already have…because it is specifically for meal replacement/weight loss


alright, well it is midnight, and i have to get up earlier than i’m used to for work tomorrow. thanks for stopping by!


random stuff

school’s out for summer! here is a pic of my bestie at work, paige. we started on the same exact day, and have been through it all together. paige accepted the position of preschool director, at the new vision academy, and will hopefully be bringing me along with her ASAP!


to celebrate, we headed to the studio movie grill with brian, and one of our other friends, and watched, “the fault in our stars,” which was ALMOST as good as the book. he has two new books out too, so those are on my list to read!


and it seems like every summer, when i am more relaxed, and have more time to focus…i try to get my weight under control :’( last summer, i did the paleo diet for 30 days. you can read about my journey, here.

this time, i am simply going to try counting calories. when i was on the rowing team at iu, and i had an appointment with a nutritionist, she said all you have to do is count calories. it sucks, but it works. i got the myfitnesspal app, and it has been awesome. you can even scan the label of what you eat and it will put all the info in for you! although my main concern is calories, the app also keeps track of your fats, sugars, sodium, etc. and will warn you if you need to watch your levels. i’ve also switched to coke zero, versus coke, so i’m sure that will help. although in the last few weeks, i have probably only had one or two pops, and have been drinking a ton of water, so that’s felt great!

these fresh mixed berries were delish…


but sometimes it feels like i am a rabbit :( lol


in other news, i had to take my classroom’s fish home for the summer. wilbur didn’t like having a new little brother at all, until i bought him a new house. it’s the bikini bottom pineapple from sponge bob lol. he loved his little pagoda before. he never comes out of it! so i thought he would enjoy having more doors and windows to explore. my students named the class fish antonio…or mr. tone tone LOL!


and last, but certainly not least, my baby sister graduated from zionsville this weekend, and will be heading to purdue this fall. you can read all about it here.




tata for now

c & b

cheers to the weekend!

i have to say, this was one of the BEST weekends i have had in a LONG time!

which is really good, because it didn’t get off to such a great start. on friday, after work, i was feeling very nauseous and achy. we were supposed to get together with some friends, including a couple we hadn’t seen in almost a year, to watch the pacer game. i wore a pacer’s shirt and some pajama pants, because that’s how crappy i was feeling. they only live about 5 minutes down the street, and i was almost ready to just drop brian off and turn in for the evening, but i’m so glad i decided to stay!

i guess it was the fireball whiskey shots that soothed my pains, lol, because after that i felt much better and wasn’t even in a horrible mood that my basketball team lost.

while the guys hung out in the man cave downstairs, i showed the girls my new favorite game, “heads up,” which is a free app for the ipad. we had a lot of fun with that! then kinsey had the brilliant idea that we should re-inact a video or commercial. that’s how the theme song to golden girls came up…and eventually we all settled/agreed on a still photo instead.

this literally took 5 minutes for us to all put on some old golf shirts, tease our hair, and get one of the boys to take the picture for us.

now usually i am horribly vain, yes i’ll admit it, and only want to put up flattering selfies lol…but this was just too fun to make, and too funny not to share. i look like a HOT mess…but i had a blast, so that’s all that really matters in the end.


after that, kinsey (apparently the ringleader of the bunch) convinced us to put on katie’s old bridesmaids dresses, and baseball hats, and walk to the local bar. don’t judge me! i was three sheets to the wind by this point, lol. ok, i wasn’t that bad, but i was very easily convinced to join in. here’s me and katie at the pub


saturday, brian and i had a couple of errands to run. and after much research, we decided to get ourselves an early anniversary gift. i have been wanting a new digital camera for a long time now, for blogging, and also just for general purposes. my sister graduates this weekend, our good friends are having a baby soon, and we are taking a trip to dc in september…so we figured it was time to invest in a quality camera. here’s brian being silly while reading the owner’s manual and registering our product online, lol. i love this man!


we also watched a hilarious stand up by steve byrne, called, “the champion.” if you have netflix, i strongly suggest you watch it. then, we went to bdub’s for dinner.

on sunday, i gave myself a manicure and a pedicure, and we went to chili’s for a late lunch. then we went to see, “maleficent,” in imax 3d. it’s not at all what i expected, and usually i don’t really care for anglina jolie, but i LOVED it! i love most disney movies by the way.



when we got home we sat outside on the patio for a bit, enjoying the cool evening breeze


you all know i am an old woman who falls asleep at the drop of a dime. however, this weekend i stayed up super late both evenings. i think i had such a good time, because i was able to balance time with friends, getting errands/chores done, relaxing, spending quality time with the babe, and spending some alone time doing crafts and reading.

this is my last week of school and i can’t wait for a short break before starting back at the hospital. here’s to an awesome summer!

c & b

3 day weekend!

we spent quite some time with friends this weekend. friday night we headed to noblesville for a cookout and slumber party with jason, kate, mason, baby jacob, and of course daisy dog…who slept curled up beside me all night. we played this really fun game on the ipad called “heads up.”

here i am loving on jacob…what a happy, adorable baby!


at one point in the evening the boys went outside for guy talk, leaving kate and i inside to gossip. i decided to multitask and cut some fabric while we chatted. little did i know that mason would be so intrigued, lol. he is a doll


saturday, we all went for lunch at chuy’s, a new mexican restaurant in town. we ate there last summer when we visited louisville, and were super excited that we now have one too! those hazel eyes though! #swoon


saturday night, we went to kelly and katie’s to watch the pacers and ufc. they had some other friends over too, so that was fun.

on sunday, we headed to fountain square for griffin’s first birthday party. it was a blast. all these cute little kiddos in our lives! if you so choose, you can read more about the quilt making process here.


and today we have done absolutely nothing but been lazy bums! oh, and some laundry. i wanted to head to reggae last night with my best friend, but i was just entirely too exhausted. i’m really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but i only have 6 more days with my class, i can’t believe it!

these next few weekends are going to start getting pretty busy for us…so stay tuned

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