spring “break”

i put break in quotes, because although this is my second week off from teaching, i am back at the hospital picking up hours. last week wasn’t entirely a bust…i got together with a few friends, did some shopping, saw a few movies, crafting of course, went out to eat A LOT, and even went out to the bars TWICE. lol. you know that’s a lot for me, since i have turned into quite the homebody in my old age. and i even did my hair TWICE too, so i was feeling pretty special, lol



20140401-200125.jpgbrian hates when i do what he calls the “blue steel” face from “zoolander.” i call it duck lips (like the rest of world) and i think it makes my face look thinner. lol. plus i feel like my snaggle tooth on the bottom is getting worse :(

but just because i’m working this week, doesn’t mean i can’t still manage to have a little fun too! i finished another book toward my 30 before 30 goal, got a lot of work on my craft projects done, and tomorrow we are going to a pacer game! we are both off friday, but haven’t decided on any concrete plans yets.

and since we are already starting spring and 25% done with this year, i thought it was a good time to update my “currently” list:

Making :  crafty friends online
Cooking :  tonight we had chicken, rice, broccoli casserole…wasn’t as good as i anticipated
Drinking :  “applesauce shots” which consists of apple pucker, pineapple juice, and goldschlager…yum!
Reading:  just finished, “the husband’s secret,” book 13 on my quest to 30 before 30. may start reading “burial rites” next
Wanting:  more paid days off :)
Looking:  at any and everything on instagram
Playing:  harry potter lego on xbox 360 haha
Wasting:  time, when i should be doing other things
Sewing:  quilts, pillow covers, more quilts, and more pillow covers
Wishing:  for clarity
Enjoying:  my ombre hair, at least when i can get it to cooperate
Waiting:  for a sign
Liking:  warm weather and wearing sunglasses in the car!
Wondering:  what the meaning of everything is
Loving:  my new tiffany’s horseshoe necklace
Hoping:  the pacers beat the pistons tomorrow!
Marveling:  at all my new fabrics :)
Needing:  for this sore throat to go away asap
Smelling:  my new organix tea tree shampoo and conditioner…yum!
Wearing:  comfy pajama pants and an oversized vneck…time to lounge
Following:  paul george on instagram. talented, and handsome too :) lol
Noticing:  i am a million times more emotional than the average person
Knowing:  i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Thinking:  i want to go get orange leaf and get some delicious froyo
Bookmarking:  online deals that i want but don’t need
Opening:  the roof of my car. yay!
Giggling:  at the april fool’s day prank we played on our friend at work today
Feeling:  confused

ok, i suppose it’s time for me to do my hair for tomorrow’s outing and get some shut eye.

will try to post again before school resumes on monday


restless leg syndrome…

clearly i don’t have that! but i simply can’t sit still. i have to be doing something productive and worthwhile. friday night brian and i went out for our favorite mexican food. then we came home and caught up on a couple of our shows. really loving brooklyn nine nine!

yesterday, i spent the morning making a pretty awesome lunch tote, if i do say so myself.

20140316-173144.jpgthen we went to marshalls (got nothing, but brian wanted to go), target (i got no show socks and brian got shampoo, lol), joann’s (for my fabric fix of course!), bath and body works (for some new wallflower plug ins), walmart (so brian could get new windshield wipers), michael’s (so i could get paint for a project), old navy (needed new jeans and had a coupon), bed bath & beyond (needed replacement heads for my electric toothbrush) and finally dinner at pizza king. then we went to kelly’s to watch the fights…that weren’t very entertaining if you ask me. brian did get me some pineapple/coconut fusion rum that was delish though :)

oh yeah, i forgot to say that on friday after dinner we went to lowe’s. surprisingly they already had pool noodles for sale, and i snagged two. they were $1.98 each. i cut them both into four pieces, and used them as inserts in my boots. it keeps them standing tall, without creasing. i found this idea on pinterest. i’ve seen similar inserts at marshall’s, but they were skinny and flimsy, and $10 for one set. i totally recommend doing this!20140316-150057.jpg

and brian helped me put together my mini wastebasket for the craft room. it was so difficult! since it was from ikea, the directions were not in english. ugh. luckily i figured out a way to rig it, or else it would’ve never had handles!


today we swept and mopped all the floors, and vacuumed. did all the laundry, including the sheets (hate putting those back on the bed. grrrr), and got lunches ready for tomorrow. thought sundays are supposed to be relaxing, but like i said, i don’t know how to do that, lol.

since i’ve been blogging, brian has been napping. going to have to wake him up soon for dinner and grocery shopping. will probably try to cross stitch or read a bit tonight before bed. one more week until spring break! yay! i REALLY need it that’s for sure!


21 things from ikea…

this weekend, i finally got to go on my much anticipated cincinnati trip! it had already been postponed about three times due to various reasons…mostly weather, and almost got pushed back again this weekend! but, we persevered and had a very tiring, but very awesome day trip :)

i stayed up way too late on friday night, and had to get up earlier than i get up for work on saturday morning. this is my, “i’m exhausted, but still raring to go” face, lol :) i even “borrowed” brian’s notre dame football shirt without him knowing, lol. he technically gave it to me once, but “doesn’t remember.” i think it still counts! anyway, i wanted to be super comfy for a busy day.


first, we headed to ikea.


for the kitchen i got:

a new cheese grater. it’s pretty spiffy, because it has both a small and large side, and it attaches to a container, to catch the shreds! the one i have now is hard to hold…i’m always afraid i’m going to cut myself. plus, i have to hold it just perfectly over something and hope it falls at just the right angle. and finally, it doesn’t have what i consider to be small enough holes for the desired size. i plan to use this when i make homemade laundry detergent.


next, i got another set of cork heat pads/trivets. i always get this three pack when i go to ikea, because throughout the year something always seems to happen to them. i accidentally turned on the wrong burner once and ruined one.


i also got these really nice flexible cutting boards. i like to designate certain colors to meat and other colors to veggies.


i was really excited to find this salad spinner at such a great price! usually they are about $20, but this one was $3.99! even if it doesn’t work that well, it was less than $5. can’t beat that! i love salads, but the prep part sucks, especially when you are waiting on soggy lettuce to dry!


and just because, i got this really cute tea towel. it’s springy and colorful :)


i also got a new stepping stool, because i am too short to reach the spices and some other tall shelves in the kitchen. the one i have now is still pretty short, and not too sturdy either. this one is heavy (before assembly) and has two steps, so i know it will get the job done. i’m considering painting it before putting it together, but haven’t decided yet.


for brian:

i’ve always wanted one of these vintage looking alarm clocks for decorative purposes, but they are usually more than i am willing to pay for them. again, this one was like $5.99 i think, and since brian’s phone alarm hasn’t been working lately, he is actually using this as an alarm clock too, lol


between allergy meds, acid reflux meds, inhalers, etc…brian has a lot of pills! i found this really cool travel bag that actually “pops” open and stays in place. it’s roomy and has a few interior pockets too. he really liked it.


for my classroom:

well, this is kind of for me too, i must admit…i love foxes! but my kids really love the song, “what does fox say?” i thought this mama and baby were too cute to resist.


i also got these finger puppets that i think will really bring story time to the next level! lol :) i got a set of animals, and a set of fairy tale characters. i think i’m going to read “puff the magic dragon” tomorrow, and use the dragon (dinosaur?) puppet.


for the craft room:

i don’t know exactly what this organizer is intended to be used for, but i plan to put it on the sewing table, next to the machine. in the small compartment i will put bobbins, and in the large compartment i will put things such as scissors, seam ripper, ruler, etc.


ok, i was a little disappointed, because i really had my hopes up for the fabric section. well, most of them were thick fabrics for home decor, with large prints. those aren’t good for quilting. there were a few that i really liked that were polyester cotton blends that i don’t work well with either. so i only ended up getting one fabric. you cut your own fabric there, but the person before me bought like 6 yards of it, so when it got to me, there was only about a yard and a half left. i told the cashier that, but she must’ve felt bad because it was the end of the bolt, and the person before me did a crappy cutting job…so she only charged me for 1 yard. it is already washed, but i have no idea what to do with it. just really loved the colors, patterns, and especially the goats, lol.


i also got this large and super cute polka dotted rug. i LOVE it! hopefully it will catch all the loose threads now, and they won’t get stuck down in the carpet. i tried to put some heavy items around the edges, because it kept wanting to roll back up. hopefully it has settled now.


i also got this amazing mini wastebasket in my favorite color. how adorable is this?! i still need to put the handles on the sides, and also one on the lid. i plan to use this as my new trashbin for scraps and such.


for decoration:

the pillows on our couch are pretty horrible quality, and have been starting to fray at the seams. although the covers have zippers, there are not pillow forms inside, just stuffing, so it’s not like i can just buy new covers either. we have a pretty big couch too, so replacing all the pillows is going to be pretty pricey. eventually, i want to have a hodge podge of all different pillows. i couldn’t resist this polka dotted one. i love the colors and the linen. i may even keep it in the bedroom or craft room and not out on the couch, lol


i thought this frame was pretty unique and cool looking. in my next house, in my craft room, i want to have an “inspiration wall” of sorts where i can just hang any and everything i want. this frame will for sure be on that wall.


i liked this frame too. the raw wood and jigsaw edges really caught my eye.


oh my goodness i LOVE LOVE LOVE this clock! i didn’t want to get it at first, but it was 30% off, my favorite color, looks pretty vintage and would make the perfect focal point for the aforementioned wall, don’t you think?!


and last, but certainly not least! i got a functional and super cute lap desk. lately, i have been looking up a lot of cross stitch patterns on my ipad, so this is perfect for those times i want to kick back and relax by watching a movie, but be productive and work on a small craft project at the same time. and clearly i have a polka dot problem, lol :)


all that shopping made us hungry, so we headed to papadeaux for lunch. we had never been before, but heard amazing things about it. good thing we went for lunch, because it was pricey! we shared two kinds of oysters, and both ended up getting blackened mahi with cheese grits. delish!



after that, we went to the outlet, but there wasn’t really much to brag about there. i got this hooded fleece for a VERY good price, but that was about it

north face

oh yeah, i also got two fossil charms for my ever growing bracelet. it’s so gaudy lol. i got a bubblegum machine and a chinese food takeout container.

bubblegum chinese food

and finally, because she had never been before, and wanted to go at least once, we went to jungle jim’s international grocery store. brian and i went once before and it wasn’t as great as i expected it to be.

we had planned to get home by 7 or 8, but it was more like 10. what a long, adventurous day!

sunday, brian and i did some chores around the house and went to the grocery store. then we went to dinner and rented “catching fire.” still not as good as the book, but then again, they never are.

the time change has made me pretty tired and cranky today, so when i get home i may just read and relax and head to bed early. the weekends are never long enough!


try this at home!

when i bought my house, it was already about 6 or 7 years old. now, since i’ve lived there just about 4 years, things are starting to break, need replaced, etc.

in the master bathroom, there is a tiny corner where the flooring meets the tub, that has started to pull back a bit. this has become an increasing problem, because of ants!

you would think this cold weather would kill them, but i think it actually makes them come inside more to get to the warmth. in the past, i’ve always just used this really good liquid ant killer, that you put a few drops of on a piece of cardboard. it has always worked like a charm. the hard part is allowing them to live long enough to take the poison back to their nest…i always want to just squish them as soon as they emerge. yuck!

terrohowever, this time, the ants just wouldn’t seem to go away. and i’m not talking about a ton here, but any bugs are too many bugs in my book, so i had to fix the problem. the amount wasn’t exterminator worthy, so i decided to take things into my own hands. i’m all for being resourceful, (cheap), and solving my own problems. i quickly found a 3 ingredient remedy on pinterest. a week later, i’m happy to say i think the ants are gone for good (knock on wood), and it was SO EASY!

here is what i used:

1/2 a cup of sugar, dissolved in 1 1/2 cups of warm water

and 1 1/2 tablespoons of borax. this is the brand i bought at meijer

boraxi soaked a few cotton balls in the substance, and put them in powerade lids, then put them near the places i saw the ants. throughout the week, i reapplied the liquid once or twice, just to make sure the cotton balls stayed saturated, because there were a few stragglers. i’m assuming the sugar attracts them, and masks the borax, and the borax kills them after they’ve already taken it back and infested their nest.

well if you know me, “waste not, want not.” i had just purchased this huge box of borax, simply to use 1 1/2 tablespoons? that’s crazy talk! i remembered another “recipe” per say that i saw on pinterest in the past, for homemade laundry detergent, using…wait for it…borax!

you can make it powdered, or liquid. i actually prefer powder. i think it works better, stays fresher longer, and lasts longer, because you don’t need to use very much of it. plus, the directions for the liquid detergent sounded like a hot mess, so i chose not to make that kind this go around.

all you need is:

1 cup of borax

1 cup of washing soda, i used this kind

washing sodaand one grated bar of soap. yes, you can use a cheese grater. it is easier than it sounds.

i chose this kind, because i thought pomegranate rose would smell nice. plus it was all organic

soaphowever, next time i won’t be cheap, and will get a dr. bronner bar, because those are also all organic and have really nice smells like lemon, lavendar, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc.

dr bronnerbut, they are about $8 a bar, and mine was like $2 for 2 bars. so, for the trial one, i didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

mix all 3 ingredients (oh yeah, you can throw in a tablespoon or two of baking soda. i did!) thoroughly, and store in an air tight container.

you only need to use 1 tablespoon per load, or 2-3 tablespoons for extra large or heavily soiled loads.

the smell wasn’t as strong as i would have liked it to be, although the laundry did still smell fresh and clean. they were also SUPER soft, without using fabric softener. you have to think how much gentler this probably is on your clothes as well, without all the harsh and unneccesary chemicals. i’m all for that! (remember when i did the baking soda only shampoo? if not, you can refresh your memory here.)

also, it turns out to cost about $0.09 cents per load! can’t beat that! i still have another bar of soap, and more than enough of the other two ingredients left over to make another batch. definitely worth a try if you think you are up for it.

i had already started to buy fragrance and dye free detergent and body wash, because i have really sensitive skin. i’m sure a bar of dove or ivory soap would work just fine too :)

and finally, i want to tell you about the really weird thing i tried out last night. i saw this link on facebook, read up on it, and right before bed, had to test it for myself. it’s called “oil pulling,” and supposedly has MANY health benefits such as whitening teeth, clearing up acne, strengthening of mouth and gums, cure for bad breath, clears sinuses, helps you sleep better, etc. etc. do a simple google search and you can read all about it. there are way too many things to list.

coconut oilbut, it does sound kind of gross at first. you have to put a spoonful of oil (coconut or sesame) in your mouth, and swish it around for 20 minutes. yes, 20 full minutes. i used coconut oil, because i love coconut. also, *sidenote* there was an incident from my childhood that scarred me from liking sesame oil. long story short, my mom stored some in an old syrup bottle (don’t ask me why), and me, doing the logical thing, poured it on my pancakes, getting an unpleasant mouthful. yuck! i’ve slowly started to use it in my cooking, but no way would i ever want to swish it around in my mouth for 20 minutes.

it was weird at first, because of course coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so it took a while just to get the waxy wad to turn into a “swishable” liquid, lol. not gonna lie, it was a long 20 minutes. i had to try hard not to spit it out, talk, or accidentally swallow any, because it is literally “pulling” the toxins and bacteria from your mouth.

when you are done, you are supposed to spit it into a ziplock bag, because you don’t want it to reharden in your sink pipes, and then floss and brush your teeth. good thing i did it right before bed! this may be tmi, but i want you to have all the facts if you are going to try it yourself…when i woke up, i had a lot of almost stringy/mucusy white stuff in my mouth that had probably been a continuation of the oil pull after i fell asleep. it didn’t have a bad taste or anything, it really just felt like unnecessary “stuff” was being removed from my mouth.

i just did a little bit more research, and apparently you can do it up to 3 times a day, and you can do it daily. i even read a few success stories about someone no longer needing a root canal, and another person curing himself of chronic blood disease. are you serious?! i don’t know about all that. it also said that sunflower oil is the most effective, and probably the most cost effective as well. then sesame oil, and coconut oil is at the bottom of the list. boo. and finally, it said in addition to swishing, you should also try to use an up down “chewing” motion, to trick your mind into triggering the digestion response. i think i will go read up on it some more. anyone ever heard of this before?


happy belated valentine’s day!

it’s not that i’m obsessed with valentine’s day or anything, i just love quality time with my boo! by the time we get home during the week, have dinner together, get lunches ready for the next day, and watch a show or two, i am usually passed out on the couch! when the weekend rolls around, i try to squeeze every ounce of free/fun time out of it as i can!

on friday, while waiting for my car to have an oil change, we exchanged brian’s iu pants, and went to yats for a quick dinner. he headed to crawfordsville to see a friend that was in town. i quilted.

saturday, i visited with my family for awhile, because my brother was home from school. then i quilted a little bit more and we went to my FAVE FAVE FAVE place for dinner…you already know…benihana’s! i even did the whole long process of straightening my hair, because i wanted to look cute.

here we are…awwww! :)


of course we did it big and got specials so we could have the soup, salad, shrimp appetizer, fried rice, green tea, and ice cream at the end. i got surf and turn (steak and lobster tail…DELISH!!) and green tea ice cream. they hooked me up this time…they’ve never made it this cute before, and it even had some chocolate covered cookie stick thing in it! lol :)


they took our picture too, but it wasn’t very flattering, so i wasn’t too excited about it, lol

after that, brian was determined to go back to dave and buster’s, and use the rest of the money on our game card. he loves that stupid game where you drop the coins in and try to make the other coins fall off the edge. i don’t know why he gets such a thrill out of it. lol. i keep trying to tell him it’s rigged and magnetic, but he doesn’t listen. they took away some of my favorite “vintage” games for newer, flashier ones.

but the best part is that after 10, all the arcade games, or games that don’t reward tickets, are FREE. so we pretty much dominated house of the dead 2. they also have these two cool games that are more like rides, because they are simulators that move and blow air and make you feel like you are actually in the scene. we hogged that game for a while too lol.

on wednesday nights, games are half off, so we may go back sometime, because we had a lot of fun.

i don’t exactly know what we are saving our tickets up for. we had enough to each get a stuffed IU hand, haha, but we didn’t.

we also stayed to watch the rhonda rousey fight. unfortunately she won. i really don’t like her, but that’s neither here, nor there i guess.

today we ran some errands…mostly fabric store and grocery. i love having meals planned and lunches packed for the week. feels good!

now my bestie is here, so i’m going to chat with her for a bit.

another great weekend :)

c & b

a red and green valentine’s day??

green gift bag and red tissue? aren’t green and red supposed to be christmas colors? well not if you are dating brian. his favorite color just so happens to be green, and i purchased the gift wrap to match the presents inside…20140218-200727.jpg

first, the 1 up pillow. i found it very fitting that while brian was away at a video game weekend with the boys, i decided to make him a pillow featuring an icon from a video game lol. we all know he is a huge gamer…i, on the other hand, only like the classics, such as mario brothers and donkey kong. i’m pretty awesome at both of them, if i do say so myself. in fact, on our second date, i even challenged him to a super mario brothers dual. i don’t think i have to tell you who won. (ME! lol)

anyway, since his favorite color is green, and i thought it was pretty cute, and we always argue over the same two pillows on our couch, i figured what better personal, yet practical gift?!

here he is loving on it…


on the back, i wanted to practice my letters, so i put “get a life.” not to be mean, but because if you have ever played the game, the green mushroom gives you an extra life, lol. hence the name, 1 up. he is a pretty sarcastic guy, so as you can see, he thought it was pretty clever.


the next picture is pretty blurry, but i wanted to capture the rush and excitement of brian opening his other gift, because he is a brat and figured out what it was. here he is, ripping the package to shreds lol.


i got him the “official, authentic, cream and crimson adidas break away candy striped pants,” the iu basketball players wear while warming up. he dropped his pants immediately to try them on haha. he could hardly contain himself. he said, “this is the moment i have been waiting years for.” lol. what a weirdo


they were a little long, so we are going to have to go exchange them. i got them online, so hopefully they have them at the store too. the sizing info wasn’t the best, but what can you do. i think he is supposed to go to the iu vs. ohio state game next week, so maybe we can have his pair ready to go by then.


i think i did a pretty good job this year. however, now he thinks i should make more pillows for the couch featuring other characters and items from the game. lol. he also thinks i should make a zelda quilt. i think he’s cra cra.


here is what he posted shortly after the gift exchange. awwww


brian made me something very personal and special this year, that i wish to keep to myself. we are also going to my favorite restaurant of all time this weekend, benihana’s. yay! yay! yay! yay! lol

you know how much he hates taking pictures, but we haven’t taken many lately. here is my first attempt, he wasn’t looking at the camera…


second attempt, his eyes are closed…


third and final attempt, this is probably as good as it’s going to get, even though he looks more asian than i do, lol!


don’t worry, when we look all cute this weekend for dinner, i will force more photos out of him.

we also had brian’s best friend and his wife visit this weekend. she is expecting, so we kept it pretty low key and relaxing. plus, they ran into the bad snow storm on their way in on friday night, so that put a lot of stress on them.

we went out to eat and went to dave and buster’s. it was a good time, and fun to catch up with them as well. hopefully we will see them before baby madden is due in early june.

c & b

i love weekends!

i said it once, and i’ll say it again…i love weekends!

friday was date night, dinner and a movie. i even got brian to go see frozen with me :) you know someone really loves you, when they endure animated movies for you. all.the.time. lol. you know we were the oldest ones there, when we were the only ones laughing during a particular scene, that wasn’t intended to be funny. the princess was singing a song about how their castle had been closed off to the public for years. i believe that exact quote was, “what’s the point of a ballroom, with no balls.” lol. yeah, we were “those” people haha. it was a pretty weird story line, but i laughed A LOT and the songs were catchy as well.

saturday, we went to our friends’ house to watch the fights. it was a pretty good night for me, because both of my guys won. donald “cowboy” cerrone, won in the first round, by a kick to the other guy’s head. benson henderson also won his fight. i like him too. i really like the wings tattooed on his back. i hate how his hair is always in the way and he’s always pushing it back. he should get it braided like the other fighters do. duh! i had to deal with brian talking crap about him in the background the whole time, but he still won so who cares lol. it was fun to see elliott and kara’s house for the first time too. it was so cute! her and i scoured pinterest for wedding ideas for her. i’m starting to think that wedding planning would be a good profession for me.

today was pretty lazy. tried to do some laundry but my dryer is apparently broken. it runs, but there was no heat. i may need a new one. tired of having to fix/replace all the appliances in this house…maybe it’s time to move?

other than that, it’s FINALLY back to school and my kiddos, after what? FOUR weeks of being gone? one of my coworkers told me we have a bunch of crap to catch up on, so not looking forward to that at all :( all of the other schools have a 2 hour delay tomorrow, except us! ugh

next weekend urijah faber fights, and it’s the superbowl. really wish i didn’t have to work mondays, that would be so awesome, lol. brian said we should have a urijah faber weekend, which means we have to do whatever urijah would be doing. especially since that means we would have to cut weight down to 135 pounds on friday. bwahahaha. no. lol

alright, going to make us some tea so we can wind down for the evening. 6 am is going to come TOO SOON!