bon voyage!

so, i’ve never really been a world traveler by any means…i’ve never even left the states. i do hope to explore new horizons though one of these days, and the boy promises to take me far and away.

therefore, when my grandfather’s 80th birthday wish entailed his whole family embarking on a disney cruise to the bahamas and disney’s own private island castaway cay, i did not object. yes, it has cost me a pretty penny, and i am currently jobless, but eh, small details, lol.

first things first, i had to update my passport. i don’t know why i even had a passport, because like i said, the furthest east i’ve been is probably maryland, the furthest west is cali, the furthest north is michigan, and the furthest south is florida. and yes i had to do a google image search for a map of the us to figure that out. don’t judge me, i’m very directionally challenged ๐Ÿ™‚ however, i guess when my mom and stepdad got to go on a lovely vacation to mexico, leaving me at home of course, she decided i should have a passport too. i was probably younger than 10 in the picture, and i was darling. my new picture on the other hand, not so much. and why can’t we smile in id pictures these days? it didn’t help that my mom, brother, and sister were all there at costco in the background reminding me NOT to smile. oy vey.

some of my family members prepared a lot more for this vacation than i did. i guess there is a 17 page packet of rules/helpful hints to read before boarding the boat. luckily my over zealous uncle highlighted the important parts for those of us who are slackers. the only important info i learned from the required reading was not to pack a blow dryer or motion sickness meds, and that you MAY bring your own alcohol in your carry on. you may even bring a soft cooler. SWEET!

i about gained 10 pounds just looking at the menu, and was more than ecstatic to discover that soda is included at all meals, in all restaurants. i was definitely loosing sleep over how i would afford my pop addiction ๐Ÿ™‚

but the best part of all in getting ready for the cruise, was pampering myself. i don’t do that a lot. #1, because i’m poor and #2, because i’m not really girly like that. but certain events call for certain exceptions. i got my eyebrows threaded and my face practically thanked me for it, because i haven’t done so in a loooong time. i usually go and then just keep them up myself, but needless to say, i haven’t really been keeping them up. i also got a manicure and pedicure. i didn’t go crazy with the gels, shellacs, or designs…i kept it basic and got the simplest things possible. still cost me a small fortune. but i felt like a million dollars afterwards, so i suppose it was worth it huh? i’ve almost got the boy to agree to treat me to a pamper session once a month now ๐Ÿ™‚

everyone loves a wholesome midwestern girl…but not everyone loves a girl that has bed hair and hasn’t put her face on for the day yet. that was your fair warning for the picture you are about to see, lol. i wanted to show off my new fingertips. i’ve been searching for this color everywhere, and was giddy they had it at the salon. it’s my favorite color of all time, the color my room is painted. i like to refer to it as tiffany’s blue ๐Ÿ™‚ although i know he has absolutely no preference whatsoever, i asked the boo thing what color i should get before i went…he said something to match the ocean. when i got home he said it wasn’t “green enough.” the man is absolutely obsessed with green. anywho, here it is!


the picture doesn’t do the color justice of course…but it will have to do for now.

now i’m sitting at home, all packed and ready, waiting for my dad to pick me up. i will be spending the night at my parents, with my brother and sister, and at 5 am sharp, we will depart for the port. sunday morning we will all don our custom t-shirts my uncle and i designed, and board the boat around noon. in addition to the 5 members of my family, we will be meeting my grandma and grandpa (ong and ba in vietnamese), 3 uncles, 3 aunts, and 4 cousins. so 17 of us total. we will sadly be missing one family, but they will be with us in spirit.

last night as i was putting together some borrowed accessories for a “pirate party” the cruise is throwing one of the nights, my love caught me playing with photo booth on the computer and jumped in on the action. (you may have already seen this on the header of my blog, but it makes me smile, so i wanted to share it again.) ๐Ÿ™‚

i am going to miss this boy so much! i’ve been told cell phone service is non-existent on the boat, so it’s going to be a loooong week, but i’m hoping my fam can keep me entertained. i know that video games and the new batman movie will keep him busy, lol. the day i get back is the official one year anniversary of our first date. (insert awwww) it feels like i’ve known, and loved, him for a lifetime, and i couldn’t be happier!

this cruise couldn’t have come at a better time. for the past few months i have been drowning myself in applying for new jobs and interviewing anywhere i can. i can’t wait to finally relax, if even just for 5 days, in the beautiful tropics with my family that i don’t get to see very often.

i am a picture taker if there ever was one…so be prepared for lots of photos when i return! i know this first post wasn’t the most entertaining, but hopefully this vacation will reenergizeย me and my creative juices as well ๐Ÿ™‚


ps: if you’d like to read more about how i prepared for this trip, you may do so by clicking here:ย


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