hello world!

so, i’ve tried the whole blogging thing before, and for some reason, it just never really “stuck.”

but, i guess like everything else in life, blogging is better with friends.

one of my very closest friends asked me to write a collaborative craft blog with her. i must admit, at the time, and with my track record of quickly abandoning projects that don’t interest me, i figured it wouldn’t last very long. but lo and behold, it has, and has gathered quite a few followers if i may say so myself 🙂

seeing the stats of how many people, and all over the world no less, were reading our blog was pretty surreal. and having friends and family i don’t usually talk to on a normal basis comment on posts was just the icing on the cake.

however, there were times i wanted to write about something that didn’t fall nicely under the title of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, and that is why i have created this blog.

the older i get, and the more i “evolve into myself,” per say, the more i realize i truly am i country girl at heart. i was born and raised in a suburb of indiana, but as my family outgrew   neighborhood associations and regulations, we moved to a more rural part of town, and when i purchased my own first home about 2 1/2 years ago, i moved into further into the sticks.

living in the “bible belt,” probably makes my interests and beliefs a little different than most of the people that may read my blog, and that’s perfectly fine. my idea of fun is making something worthwhile with my hands while listening to country music, watching IU basketball while drinking a pale ale, or reading my kindle by the pool with a reds cap on.

but at the end of the day, i’m just a wholesome midwestern girl, and everybody loves a wholesome midwestern girl right? 😉

i am pleased to pieces that you have decided to join me on my journey…i can’t promise anything, but i hope that future posts will include me finally getting a “real” teaching job…me getting the boy to put a ring on it…and me living happily ever after, LOL. all jokes aside, i know that no matter what, you will see me giving 110% to everything i do, and having the time of my life, even when morale is low.

i am open to all questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.

let the games begin!

ps: if you would like to follow my other blog, you may do so by clicking here: http://scrapsandstitches.wordpress.com/about/


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