back home again, in indiana!

wow, what an amazing 5 days!

not gonna lie, when you get together that many family members, there’s bound to be trouble! but for the most part, it was a really fun trip, and lots of memories were made! i am just going to scroll through my photos, and allow this post to write itself…

being the goobsters we are, we couldn’t help but mess around when we first got to our cozy stateroom. here are sam and tori being fascinated by the built in magnifying mirror, and me pretending to take a shower, lol. ps, these are the shirts i designed for us all to wear 🙂 i know what you’re thinking, how very asian of us.

yes, i am a kid at heart, and i absolutely LOVE disney. my siblings on the other hand, are beyond embarrassed by my obsession and didn’t humor me too long before getting annoyed by my desire to take pictures with all the characters on the cruise. the picture of tori and i with chip and dale is probably my favorite from the whole trip. i was even able to sneak my cousin in on of them 🙂

sam, tori, and i also have this weird thing where we like to take pictures wearing different kids of hats…i will have to dig up some old photos for a future post, lol. anywho, when were taking my little cousin to the kids’ club they had a life size mr. potato head. needless to say, this is what happened next

i am the oldest of 9 grandchildren…no pressure right? grant is the baby, and he is adorable! i love this picture of him enjoying a mickey dilly bar, and think i should submit it to disney for marketing purposes 🙂

and of course, the man of the hour, my grandpa. here is a snapshot from his birthday dinner celebration. looks amazing for 80 right?

just so you can get an idea of how ginormous the boat actually was

dressing up for dinner every night wasn’t so bad. here are a few faves

i think my sister is incapable of taking a serious picture, but i love her and all of her craziness for it…i’ll never admit that she probably got it from me 😉 yes, that is her hand in the third picture

welcome to the bahamas! what a rich culture. i was mesmerized by the art and the people

i am a movie buff. the ship had a full sized movie theater and on demand movies in your room. i was able to watch brave, the lorax, the vow, joyful noise and i few others i forget. but the best, was watching up, on a HUGE screen, poolside, with fresh french fries and an ice cold coke. what could be better than that?!

i also went snorkeling for the first time with my aunt which was breathtaking, however, i don’t have any photos.

although i feel like i need a vacation to recover from my vacation, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and probably the last real time we will all be able to get together.

back to reality, and work at 7 am. off to hit the hay.



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