free “soles” to a good home

i don’t want to admit it…but i suppose i am a little bit of a shoe freak…and i don’t exactly know why that is either. i think it’s because shoes are the only thing i can rationalize shopping for. you need different kinds of shoes for all occasions…the pool, the beach, walking, running, dressing up, going out, work, being casual, etc. also, the awesome thing about being an adult, is that your feet pretty much stay the same size forever! one of my friends recently told me that after her pregnancy her feet went up a size, but that’s nothing i have to worry about for a long time! lol šŸ™‚

anywho, the boy is being a complete brat and making me take a long hard look at just how many pairs i actually have…even after he pointed out three separate overflowing locations of shoe stashes, i still was not convinced or budging at all on the topic. (i also have shoes in other places he doesn’t even know about, like the trunk of my car, hee hee.)

(don’t even get me started on those cowgirl boots!)

at the beginning of the summer when i was in a cleansing mood, i gave away a ton of clothes, and a few handfuls of shoes. notice how i didn’t say a ton of shoes? I LOVE SHOES! i just can’t help it. and each pair is like an old friend with her own story. was she the last pair in my size? was she on super clearance? was she way over paid for just because i wanted (needed) a special retail therapy treat that day?

however, last night, when i was trying to cook and clean and organize all at the same time and there was just WAY TOO MUCH STUFF i got overwhelmed (which i do quite often) and decided that yes, it is time to be an adult, and let go of some things, and find the deeper meaning in life…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, one thing at a time here, and so i thought a good place to start would be with the hardest place to start, and then it should all be smooth sailing and downhill from there right?

of course i followed the old rule of thumb…if i haven’t worn it in a year it’s outta here. if it’s not in style anymore, and probably never will be again? toss it. if they are not comfortable no matter how cute they are, they’ve gotta go. (ps, i’ve got wide feet and although i LOVE pumas, they are just painful and unflattering. sad really.) if i am only saving them “in case” i get a certain job, or “in case” i’m invited to a fancy dinner party, or “in case” i’ll regret giving them away once they’re gone…added to the pile.

after all was said and done, i am pleased with the amount i was able to part with. please keep in mind that i have already given away at least 10 pairs in the last month or so, so you’ve gotta give me a little credit for that as well. here are all the beloved babies that will be leaving me soon…

2 boxes full! i don’t care what anyone says, that’s a huge accomplishment in my book. let me try suggesting that he gets rid of some video games and see how well that goes over.

now don’t get me wrong, i paid hard earned money and lots of it for this addiction. and just like everything else, i take good care of my things. so all of these shoes are still in good condition and some even look brand new. (or maybe they are still brand new. guilty as charged.) i feel like even though i have come to terms with releasing these shoes out into the world, i don’t want them to go to goodwill where they will be sold for a measly $3 and picked over by unappreciative shoppers.

therefore, i have a proposition…calling all ladies…if you wear a size 7 and promise to love, honor, and cherish these shoes with all of your heart, i would much rather see them go to friends and family.

and just for the record i am honestly not a psycho crazy person that has this much difficulty getting rid of STUFF. this was purely for your entertainment purposes, and also to share the wealth. not saying this is “post-worthy” material, but it definitely did make it a lot more fun šŸ™‚

it also created more shelving in the laundry room…yay!

i’m serious, contact me if you want these shoes!

ps, i could have a much more expensive collection…like jewelry! i think i’ll mention that to the boy tonight and tell him to consider himself lucky šŸ˜‰

stay tuned for more purging, which means potential more free stuff for you šŸ˜‰



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