la cocina

after the shoe extraction, i didn’t think i would be up for another project so soon…however, nothing lights a fire under your butt quite like expecting company. tomorrow, the boy’s mother is coming to visit, and i don’t want her to think we live like complete slobs, so i figured it was time to move onto the next, and most challenging, area of the house…the kitchen.

let me start by saying that my kitchen is not that big, and i hardly have any storage space or real “pantry.” this poses a problem, especially for a pack rat like me. not only do i have limited cabinetry, but the ones that i have all are ill shaped and don’t fit large appliances like my crockpot, or tall pitchers, or round tupperware, etc.

then, there’s this very tall one that should have a shelf in it, but just doesn’t. i used it to store all of my grains, pastas, box mixes, and a few leftover sauces. things that could be easily stacked and/or moved. sad story, i have to stand on a stepping stool to reach, lol.

in the “pantry,” i used the tiny top shelf for beverage items, such as tea bags, those little shake up things you put in a bottle of water, hot cocoa, etc. (and i just realized you can’t even see it in this picture. oops!) i used the second shelf for all the canned goods, and round tubes, like bread crumbs and rolled oats. third shelf is baking supplies, such as flour, corn starch, ready bake pie crusts, etc. i also learned that i will probably never need to buy another bag of powdered sugar again! fourth shelf was for breakfast items such as syrup, pop tarts, granola bars, etc. and finally the bottom shelf was for snacky things like popcorn, candy, ramen noodles, lol. i know it still looks kind of messy, but it is WAY better than it was before. also helped me realize what i need and don’t need during my next trip to the grocery store.

i don’t know why i am so partial to glass coca-cola cups, especially because i’m sure we gained most of them for free by being fatties that eat at mcdonald’s too much. however, how many cups can two people honestly use? keeping that in mind, i only kept two of each “color.” (they are either clear, or tinted with green, blue, or brown.) i also keep buying cute water bottles, aspiring to drink more water, but all that really happens is me owning too many water bottles.

i had to be a good sport and sit back and laugh at myself for this next “discovery.” when i first moved in, and was still a clueless first time homeowner, i didn’t know what this tiny odd cabinet was supposed to be used for. it was right below the sink, so i just used it for all of my cleaning supplies and paper towels. well, in my organizing frenzy tonight, i thought i had a stroke of genius when i decided to put long skinny things in there like cutting boards and baking trays…yeah, pretty sure the builders of the house had the same exact idea in mind lol. anywho, i was proud of myself and my discovery 🙂

in addition to my cup obsession, i guess tupperware is something else i had way too much of. i don’t know if it’s because my mom always did it or what, but i keep EVERYTHING that could potentially be used as tupperware, including anything from old spaghetti jars to empty butter containers. i already threw out all of my “unconventional” tupperware earlier this summer, but i guess that wasn’t enough, because here i am again. i hate to admit it, but usually the boy is the most rational one in the relationship, and always manages to talk some sense into me. he was like, “look at it this way babe, even if we have leftovers every night of the week, we’ll only need seven containers.” true dat. obviously i kept more than seven, but i only kept the really good ones like glass and a few others i use on a consistent basis. it’s always good to have some that you don’t care too much about if you want to send leftovers home with friends or family, accidentally leave it at work, etc. an added bonus was that we are now able to use the bottom shelf for all of the half eaten chip bags we had open and spilling off the top of the fridge 🙂

speaking of the top of the fridge, it was now open to house our cereal, starbuck’s sweeteners, a bowl of snacks i didn’t know where to put, and the boy’s slim jims. yuck. my sister used to eat them too until she randomly decided to read the ingredients and saw that the list included “mechanically separated chicken.” true story, lol. ps, see those weird tiny cabinets way behind the fridge that i could never possibly reach, even with my stepping stool? what exactly am i supposed to put in there? just sayin.

there’s really no point in posting this picture, other than sharing the beginning of our shot glass collection. i just got the minnie and mickey one from the cruise, and also the one with a gun from the bahamas for the boy. he just got the other four in front when he went to the brickyard 400 on sunday. soon we will need a display case for them 🙂

the best part of the kitchen is a clean sink! i can’t stand going to bed with dirty dishes left behind. *and the boy’s neti pot, because he has HORRIBLE allergies 😦

and even though there are only two of us, we are now prepared to host dinner, because you can actually see the kitchen table which hasn’t happened in a few moons now.

just as i was finishing, the boy comes in and says, “BABY, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KITCHEN?! put everything back where it was!” after a few laughs and laps around the newly cleaned kitchen, he was amazed at how organized and uncluttered it was. we really had started to let things accumulate in there that shouldn’t have been. hopefully it will stay this way, and my hard work will spread throughout the rest of the house so we can start “living normally” as the boy put it, lol.

as i was writing this, he looks over at the laptop and says, “did you just take a bunch of pictures of our kitchen?” i have told him several times that if he is forcing me to get rid of things, i will at least make a process out of it that i can post a series about, but do men ever listen?!

i thought i would dread this process, but it actually feels really good to unload yourself of extra stuff that you don’t need and ties you down. i feel like i actually accomplished something today, lol. i started a little on the bedroom too, so i guess eventually that will be the next victim 🙂

ps, most of the kitchen supplies and utensils that i had to get rid of will all be going to my brother sam, as he heads off to school at the end of the month.

pps, i was also contacted by a friend on facebook today asking me to donate the shoes i wrote about in my previous post, to the program her church is putting on for families in need. agreed! she also reminded me that even though donating to goodwill does not feel as good as donating to friends, it does help create jobs for people in the community. right again 🙂



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