525,600 minutes

wow, how times flies. has it really been over a year since my first date with the boy? we don’t have have a charming, romantic, love at first sight, sweep you off your feet kind of story…but it’s our story and i cherish it.

i guess something good that we have in common is that we are both cheap asses, which lead us both to the same (absolutely free) dating website http://www.okcupid.com. like match, and eharmony, okcupid asks a series of questions to help pair you with someone comparable, based on a lot of different factors. i believe we scored something very high like a 96%.

i’m not ashamed to say that after reading his profile, noticing that we had A LOT in common, and most importantly that he was also an IU grad, i sent him a short, sweet and simple message…something like “HOO HOO HOOSIERS!” our first date lasted over 8 hours. we were pretty much inseparable for the first 2 weeks or so. at the beginning we did have a few rough patches…but here we are, over a year later and still going strong. stronger than ever actually 🙂

i technically call our anniversary the day we first made our relationship “official,” sometime mid september, however, the boy says it was the day of our first date. when i tried to explain to him that it doesn’t exactly work that way, he said, “well, did you date anyone else after that?” “no.” “and i didn’t either, so we were exclusive.” lol. ok. whatever you say sir.

he’s so cute…the day i came back from my family vacation was the 1 year anniversary of our first date, or “day we became exclusive,” haha…and he wanted to go back to the first place we met. if you know us personally, this will make perfect sense. if you are just a curious reader, you will probably think we are crazy. our first date, and favorite restaurant still to this day, is bdubs. yes, you read that right, as mutual lovers of wings, our first date was indeed at a bw3’s. i was still super tired from traveling, so it was an early night, but because of that, i was promised a better date night.

even though our relationship is still pretty new, i think it’s very important to not get bogged down by every day life, and to make it a point to schedule date nights. something to get excited about and look forward to. well, the date night was 1/2 for him, and 1/2 for me. we went to my favorite restaurant of all time, benihana’s (a japanese hibachi steakhouse), and then we went to see the new batman movie. well, he saw it…i had a $10 nap. for those of you that know me, you also know that i can fall asleep on a dime, and this should come as no surprise 🙂

anywho, here i was getting anxious for date night and waiting for the boy to get home

talking on the phone to my mom, yet playing with photobooth at the same time 😉

in two weekends, we will be heading to cincinnati for our official anniversary celebration. so far in the works we have a reds game (of course!), ikea, graeter’s ice cream, jungle jim’s international market, toby keith’s “i love this bar,” and the aquarium. i will be researching other attractions in the meantime. we will be staying with the boy’s cousins that i was only able to meet for a brief period at their grandmother’s funeral. i can’t wait to spend more time with them and their family, and to explore the beautiful city that we hope to live in one day.

although he hates my obsession with taking pictures, he humors me every once in a while. i was able to get him to snap this shot of us before leaving for the evening


yikes i’m really thinking of chopping all of my hair off…it’s getting to be way too monstrous!

i keep telling the boy that we need to submit a “success story” to okcupid, because ours is way cuter than some of the other couple’s on there, but he says not yet…bah humbug.

alright folks…off to enjoy my saturday evening


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