on your mark, get set, craft!

so keeping with the theme of decluttering the house…i’ve been meaning to update. of course my favorite room in the house, and also the messiest, just so happens to be the craft room.

being a “mixed media artist,” with an emphasis on collage, surprisingly what takes up the most space is paper. i have TONS of the stuff, yet i keep feeling compelled to buy more. i had stacks and stacks of 12 x 12 paper pads, and also tons of scraps from previous projects. i am a pack rat and can’t throw away any scrap of paper, ticket stub, etc. that could be used in any way, shape or form. this poses a big problem.

luckily, i’ve got generous friends…or friends that know they can pawn their junk off on me and i’ll be happy to take it 🙂 at the end of the school year i was eyeing what’s supposed to be a mailbox or file system of some sorts that was in the “swap shop,” and just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. turn it on it’s side, and voila! paper sorter holder extraordinaire! although it has taken me many countless hours, i have successfully sorted about 90% of my paper, by color scheme, into this new contraption. (no, i’m not perfect, i still have some more paper to go, but a girl can only sort so much before she needs an adult beverage.)

ps, if you notice on top of the shelf, i have also sorted thank you cards in what’s supposed to be a bill filer (everything’s electronic and automatic these days, so this had become a thing of the past, and more of a decorative item, so i’m proud of myself for finding a way to put it to good use!) i also have a super cute photo organizational tray as well.

i know you are dying to know what happened to all those scraps right? i bet you were worried i threw them away? nope! those have been color coded as well. this has made gathering supplies for all of my projects a breeze 🙂

(side note…the other day i was trying out a new recipe for “crispy smashed roasted potatoes,” which were scrumptious by the way, and couldn’t find the parchment paper. i kept thinking to myself, i know i have some, somewhere. guess i’m still working on this whole organizational thing huh?)

even the boy got involved with operation clean sweep. we went to lowes and got two new shelving units, a small one for the craft room, and a large one for the garage.

(don’t worry, it has since been filled to the brim)

once we sell all of our couches, we will actually be able to fit both cars in the garage. imagine the possibilities!

now this may not look like much to you, but if you have ever been to my house and witnessed the craft room, this just may look like a small miracle.

you can actually see the floor! and sit on it! and walk around! and do multiple projects! on a good day, there is a skinny path from my door to my computer stool. on a normal day, there are about three empty “foot holes” i use to navigate my way around. looky, i even have a trash can set up next to the paper for scraps that simply can’t be salvaged! you’ve really got to learn to appreciate the small things folks 🙂

i even cleaned my impressively large craft table so that the sewing machine is set up on one half, and my cricut is set up on the other. i’m good to go!

i even had time, space, and energy to give myself a pedicure. life is good.

since revamping the craft room, i have successfully completed two projects. you can read about them here

and here

that’s a wrap! (i’ve always wanted to say that, lol)



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