hair today, gone tomorrow

so there’s been a big change in my appearance…i’ve chopped all my hair off!

i go through these cycles where i grow my hair out, and once it gets too long i get tired of it. it’s a lot of work to maintain, and i usually end up just tossing it in a pony tail or messy bun, so the length is actually pointless. then i cut it super short, get sad for about a day, and then start the process all over again.

i was not entirely happy with my last hair cutting experience, when i decided to get straight across bangs. i was going for cece from new girl

but ended up looking more like an asian rachel berry from glee

wasn’t happy. still growing them out actually.

so, i had been coveting this picture of julia stiles for awhile

but was really worried about going so short, knowing from several previous experiences how i would feel afterward.

i guess it was in the plans for me, because my brother called and asked if i wanted to go get a haircut with him. he said he would even treat me, if i watched my nephew while it was his turn. sounds like a good deal to me!

he took me to this really cool place called salon salon studios…which was one big venue, with several individually owned suites inside. i am super cheap, and usually just go to great clips, with a coupon! lol. hey, i am not paying an arm and a leg to get a few inches trimmed, i think that’s just ridiculous.

my brother likes my hair long, as do most men, so he was skeptical at first…but once i showed him the picture of what i had in mind, he soon jumped on board. plus, he said i was in good hands, because the hair dresser has over 40 years of experience and really knows what he’s doing.

duane made sure to tell me that there is no crying in his chair, so if i felt like tearing up, i had to wait until i got out to my car. i took a deep breath, and then took the plunge

getting a little sad looking at this pic, but it’s just hair, and it will grow back. mine grows pretty fast too. so anyway, we cut off the ponytail, because i knew i wanted to donate my hair to pantene pro-v, so they could make it into a FREE wig for cancer patients. i no longer donate to locks of love, because they charge their clientele for the wigs. duane did an AMAZING job! i was more than pleased. i also get a free haircut with every referral, so if you are in the indy area and need a new hair guy, let me know and i will get his card to you 🙂

PS, when i was about to leave, duane goes, “here, don’t forget to take this,” and hands me the ponytail. SAY WHAT?! i thought he would take care of that for me…guess i was wrong, lol. now i have a bunch of hair in an envelope, waiting to be sent somewhere…not exactly sure how to mail it…haven’t looked into it yet, but believe me, you don’t wanna see a picture of that! lol

here are some pictures of keegyn and i playing while his daddy got his haircut, and also me showing off my new do. sorry i’m not iphone savvy and didn’t quite know where to look for the camera, lol

and to wrap it up, here is a “collage” of my hair before and after the great cut

do i miss it? yes. do i like my new style? yes. it’s just hair, and it will grow back, and i will probably cut it again, lol. i do want it long when i get married, but i don’t for see that being a problem anytime soon.

thanks big bro!


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