day off?

why does it seem like i work harder on a day off?

i got A LOT accomplished today, running only on a tall pumpkin spice latte and a 100 calorie pack of teriyaki beef jerky πŸ™‚

first, i headed to target for some much needed supplies…

i have a brother in college, and a brother in the navy, and was in the mood to put together some kick butt care packages. i also had a few new recipes i wanted to try…so it was decided.

here is what will be going into the halloween inspired boxes:

yes this card was from the kid section, but i couldn’t help myself, lol

some beverages

some sweet treats…chocolatey, chewy, minty, and of course seasonal

some cheesy, salty snacks…spongebob just because and here’s that beef jerky i was talking about, lol. had to taste test it πŸ˜‰

some smell goods for their rooms and their bodies

and some SUPER CUTE “pumpkin pals,” that will hopefully last the whole month through

i had a lot of fun creating the address labels too. it’s so exciting to receive something other than bills and junk in the mail, why not spice it up a bit! with the weather change, and the beginning of october, i’m in quite the festive mood. (i had to hide parts of their addresses so you wouldn’t stalk them, lol)

the barn where my dad boards his horses has tomatoes and jalapenos, and i was lucky enough to receive some. i didn’t know what to do with the peppers, but somehow got the bright idea to make fresh pesto. i LOVE pesto, and use it for my famous stuffed shells. the recipe was super easy and it is ridiculously delicious! can’t wait to cook with it…YUMMY!

after having chicken pasta for dinner last night, i was craving beef. i’m not usually a fan of meatloaf, but this recipe got great reviews, and i can see why. the best part is that it called for 3 slices of bread, toasted and crumbled. i just so happened to have some of my favorite sourdough. after baking it in the oven, i used the “chop” setting on my blender and look how amazing it turned out:

and for dessert, pumpkin cheesecake

i actually made it as a thank you for some gals at work…but i had to sample it first πŸ™‚

clearly i love pumpkin and fall in general. fall is my favorite season. 60 degree weather is heaven. here is a quote from pinterest that about sums it up, “hoodies, cider, boots, cuddling, crisp air, flushed cheeks, and football. i love autumn.”

i know i haven’t posted in a while, and have a lot of other things to catch you up on, however, i was just so excited about this productive day and all the fun filled things i couldn’t wait.

and here was the best part of my day…this little goober right here

i will update later with the recipes and pics of the care packages once they are all boxed up and ready to ship out πŸ™‚

now time to go watch new girl…



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