ADD much?

so i’m working evenings this week…boo right? if i were single i would probably LOVE evening shift. you can sleep in, get stuff done before work, and then still get off at a pretty reasonable hour. however, i’m not single, and time away from the boy makes me an unhappy camper.

anywho…i’ve been a good girl so far this week. on monday, i cleaned and did chores around the house. yesterday, i ran a million errands and got all of that stuff out of the way. so that means today i get to PLAY! yay! and boy do i have my choice of projects to work on. i went on a “tour” of the house (mostly the craft room) and found these “few” works in progress…

a crochet blanket i’ve only just begun for the boy:20121114-090314.jpg

another “chenille” blanket for my little sis that needs to be done by christmas…YIKES!20121114-090324.jpg

strips for a quilt for brian’s mom that can be done whenever…20121114-090333.jpg

cutie gingerbread ornaments…2 are MIA20121114-090341.jpg

a wood block for my aunt…20121114-090348.jpg

a name plaque for ashlee’s soon to be niece:20121114-090355.jpg

the newest project i want to test out…20121114-090402.jpg

and a bagillion holiday cards to address 😦20121114-090515.jpg

and many more i’m sure i’m forgetting. looks like i have a fun filled day of crafting ahead of me.

yesterday when i was at walmart i just happened to find roger and hammerstein’s cinderella for $6! i will totally be watching that today as well 🙂

and finally, before work, i will be making some sort of grilled chicken, broccoli, alfredo rotini to bring in for dinner. yum.

enough chatting…i’ve got my work cut out for me…




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