tarzan and jane eat

hello all, it has certainly been awhile…probably close to a year that i’ve posted here…and i apologize for that. we have been pretty boring!

but we are making a change for the better in our lives, and would like to share it with you…

today is day one of a 30 day challenge we have imposed upon ourselves…we will be partaking in the paleo diet. (aka the “caveman diet”) it’s all the new craze. it’s not so much of a “diet,” but hopefully what will last for more than 30 days, and become our new way of eating in general.

losing weight is the current goal, but in the end i just want us to live happy, healthy lives, and change the way we view food and fuel our bodies as well.

i am not the person to ask if you want all the complete details that a paleo plan entails, however, i will try to give you the quick basics:

  1. absolutely no sugar
  2. absolutely no dairy
  3. absolutely no grains
  4. lots of fruits (raw and/or dried)
  5. lots of nuts/seeds
  6. lots of veggies (raw and/or cooked)
  7. lean protein

of course we decide to start this after we had just purchased costco sized quantities of quinoa, cous cous, black beans, corn, soy milk, cheese, etc. etc. which just eats at the frugalness in me! lol

the only milk you are allowed to have is 100% coconut milk, no sugar added. or homemade almond milk.

and although fatty meats are allowed (not preferred) like bacon and sausage, processed meats are not (bologna, spam, hot dogs, etc.)

your dinner plate should be 1/3 lean protein, and 2/3 veggies. we usually have a meat, a grain, and veggies…so really the biggest change for us will be to replace the grain with a second veggie, or a bigger portion of our veggie.

this isn’t part of paleo, but we have also decided to drink a large glass or cold water before dinner, and a cup of hot tea after dinner, to help with metabolism/digestion/etc.

i think the hardest parts for me will be giving up SODA! and breads, pasta, and cheese.

however, i have already found an awesome website with tons of recipes that i am uber excited to try out.

i must hand it to brian for being very willing to go along with this, although he doesn’t really have much choice since i do most of the cooking anyway 😉 (insert evil laugh here)

here is the meal plan we followed today:


green smoothie:

  • two handfuls of kale
  • two peeled kiwis
  • one green apple (cored)
  • 1/2 of one banana
  • 1/3 cup of coconut milk
  • 2 raw eggs (yuck! couldn’t taste them though)
  • ice (if needed)

chia seed chocolate pudding

pudding10 strawberries



  • four eggs
  • splash of coconut milk
  • tomatoes
  • basil pesto
  • sriracha
  • sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

cucumbers with fresh lime juice and chili powder


preseasoned beef roast tip from costco

romaine lettuce, with homemade paleo balsamic vinaigrette dressing

asian pear


(please excuse the photo quality. i used my ipod because i was in a hurry.)

i had also made us a homemade trail mix for snacking throughout the day. it consisted of:  cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, craisins, and a raisin medley.

brian finished everything i packed him today. i was not able to finish my shake, strawberries or cucumbers, and i also didn’t even touch the trail mix. (the point i’m trying to make is that i stayed full consistently, and didn’t eat as much as i probably usually do.)

at dinner i did have a slight craving for soda, but i quickly forced it from my mind.

day one was not so bad. i am off tomorrow, so i plan to try a few more new recipes 🙂 it takes a lot of work and conscious effort, but i think we can get used to it, and i know the benefits are worth it.

check in regularly for food ideas, and to track our progress!

c & b

PS: i forgot to mention, that although eating healthy is one step toward a better body…exercise is required as well. once brian’s knee heals completely from surgery, we will begin jogging together. when the pool opens, i will begin swimming laps. in the summer months, brian plays tennis and/or raquetball fairly often with his good friend, and i also like to do zumba.


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