today was a great (paleo) day!

so last night, the plans changed unexpectedly, and three sisters’ cafe closed before we could get there 😦 the girls wanted to get mexican. what a sad night for me…they both had margaritas, i could not. they both had chips and salsa, i could not. they both had deep fried chimichangas in big tortillas with rice and beans all covered in that delicious white cheese…ugh. i had water with lemon, and a too small portion of ceviche. but i also had my pride for sticking with my diet, lol.

tonight for dinner, i tried out a new recipe from my favorite site,

kendra makes maintaining this diet more than easy!

we had paleo lettuce wraps


AMAZING! we omitted the water chestnuts, because neither of us like them, but seriously, these were so easy, light, and tasty! we added a little sriracha too, because we are like that, lol.

as a special treat for dessert, i tried a recipe from another site i have been checking out, thanks to kendra’s site for the referral:

chocolate strawberry donuts


i could not find coconut flour, so i just substituted 2 TB shredded coconut instead.

i also do no have a donut baking tray, so i just used a mini bundt pan instead.

they turned out scrumptious. even brian said they were a winner. looks like we will be having another for breakfast 😉

luckily for me, brian’s job is providing lunch for him tomorrow, because i need a break! this diet involves a lot of work, and a lot of money!

on sunday, i spent almost $100 at whole foods, and he spent a little over $100 at costco. then today, i picked up some more stuff at trader joe’s for almost $50. seriously?!

i noticed that the fruit is going a lot faster than the veggies, because they are so easy to pack and eat raw…whereas the veggies, i prefer lightly seasoned and cooked. but, like we said earlier, fruits have more natural sugars, and we really need to eat twice as many veggies as we usually do for this to work. this weekend will be a great opportunity, because we usually go out for date nights. now we can stay home and eat what we’ve already bought. we are also FINALLY going to get the propane tank for our grill, and see if it fires up. hopefully we can prepare some meat for the week as well.

i found a good recipe for a soup that will allow me to use my kale, and a good recipe for my lunch tomorrow, that will allow me to use my portobella mushrooms. brian doesn’t like mushrooms, but remember, he will already be fed at work…perfect time for me to make something for myself!

i’ll let you know how they turn out!

i know it’s only day 4, but i am feeling great!

c & b



3 thoughts on “today was a great (paleo) day!

  1. I seriously love following your progress! About the veggies, I just recently realized that I love raw bell peppers and carrots, so I always have those cut up into sticks in the fridge. I’m trying to get better at roasting more than a single batch of veggies so I can just heat them up when I get hungry, but it’s hard to do. Fruit is so much easier 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    • thanks, you are a sweetheart! although i don’t know if i’m allowed to brag about progress after only 4 days, lol! i really can’t get into peppers, i don’t know why. cucumbers are my snack veggie of choice…but are those technically considered fruits too, because they have seeds? see what i mean? bananas, strawberries, apples, raspberries, grapes, etc. etc…just grab and go! 🙂

      • Progress is progress, no matter how far in you are. You’re doing great. I think cucumbers are fine, they’re not sugary like the carrots and peppers! It took me a while to get into peppers. I’ve noticed that in the last 4 months, my taste for sweet has changed a LOT. So maybe in time you’ll be able to move from mostly fruits to mostly veggies.

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