not gonna lie, today was tough

no one ever said that testing out the paleo diet for 30 days was going to be easy that’s for sure. in fact, there are more skeptics out there than i care to deal with. my coworkers have been giving me a BUNCH of flack, asking if “cavemen really ate” (insert every item i eat), and it is really starting to wear on my nerves.

  1. i did not give the paleo diet the nickname it has
  2. i am doing this for myself, not to please anyone else

when i bought my house, the previous owner was nice enough to leave me a lawn mower, and a grill. the first time i cut the grass, i hit a metal sewage cover that was buried in the weeds, bent the blade, and ruined the mower. so that was that. and although she was nice enough to leave a grill, she did not leave a propane tank. so after almost 2 1/2 years of living here, on friday night, we finally bought our gas. dragging the grill out of the corner of the garage and setting it up was quite the affair…leaving me no energy to post about the delicious meal we were able to make on it.

*we also (finally) cut the grass and watched the pacer game as well*

anywho, we had chicken/spinach/red pepper sausages, green beans, and green apples.

here’s where it got hard…

my closest cousin is about 3 or 4 years younger than me (who’s counting anyway?!) she is getting married next month in california. unfortunately, i cannot make it to the wedding. i also could not make it to her bachelorette party earlier this month, because it was in minnesota. so when i heard that her mom was having another shower for her in bargersville (about an hour or so away) i could not wait.

however, with a shower, comes shower food…shower food that i could not partake in. i don’t know where i drummed up the strength to control myself around some of my favorites like coke and chicken salad on a CROISSANT. you’re killin me smalls! and of course there was cake and i’m not just talking about your run of the mill grocery store cake…no it was the good stuff. and to top it off there was oreo ice cream to go along with it. i’m pretty sure i sulked in the corner.

all jokes aside, i was able to eat grapes, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes. i also had 1 meatball, but i had to scrape off all of the sauce.

the main thing that helped me get through it, was that brian (who is uber excited that we now have a working grill) mentioned the idea of steak for dinner.

at the end of the day, avoiding the temptation was way worth it. i know by the end of these 30 days i will be so proud of myself for staying strong and sticking to it.

on another note…although this may sound crazy, because it’s only day 6, i already feel AMAZING. i feel like i have not only lost weight, but i just feel better in general. i know that doesn’t make sense, but trust me, i just know. imagine how you feel when you wake up first thing in the morning…you feel clean, fresh, empty, ready to take on whatever life throws at you. that’s how i feel all the time. i no longer feel bloated, or have acid reflux, or regret something i ate.

for the first time in A LONG time, i didn’t feel like a fatty when deciding what to wear to the event. (although i did feel like my clothing options could use an update, but that’s another story altogether, lol). i’m not where i want to be yet, but i do feel slimmer, healthier, and just better about myself all around. i didn’t have to remind myself to suck it in when taking pictures, or feel self conscious standing next to skinny people. (ahem, my cousin, ahem) 😛

so to summarize, even though the cravings still come out every once and awhile (which is understandable, seeing as how this is only day 6), i can already see and feel the benefits of these choices and am enjoying them. that’s what keeps me on the right path.

oh yeah, with our steak we also had grilled asparagus and strawberries. my parents just sold their house, and promised us their patio furniture when they move. it’s a really nice, cool night, and i wanted to eat outside…so i was about to be super ghetto fabulous and surprise brian by bringing out our card table and chairs…but then it started sprinkling, so we no longer had the fine dining option of outdoor seating 😦 lol

c & b

here we are on the way to the shower. my parents drove us, so we were bored in the backseat lol. even my face doesn’t look as pudgy anymore. yay for small blessings!


me and my cuzzo. isn’t she darling?! sorry it’s so blurry, but i thought it was too cute not to post. this is probably wildly inappropriate to mention, but i seem to be losing weight, yet maintaining it in the proper places, if you get my drift. lol. sorry if that was tmi (tee hee)


and here we are with my mom. i mentioned that she is the tannest, then tien, then me. why am i so pale? especially because tien lives in seattle where they get rain, what? 90% of the time? ugh. looks like i still have some work to do. lol


i’m hoping tomorrow i can convince brian to try three sisters’ cafe with me, because i am still craving that salad i never got the other day lol.

alright, enough for now…check back with us later

c & b

yikes! almost forgot to add the throwback picture of us…looks like i’ve always had a problem with being fashionable, haha. also notice, we are eating mcdonald’s in this picture. how fitting



2 thoughts on “not gonna lie, today was tough

  1. Love the blog! Keep up the good work. You should be very proud of yourself for having the willpower to keep with the diet, especially when surrounded with such tempting food. Also, love the pics! The one of you as a little kid is adorable!

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