$30 and some elbow grease

There are few things more rewarding to me than a well manicured lawn…however, I hate doing yard work! Luckily for us, Brian’s mom has a green thumb, and gardening as a hobby. Our landscaping has improved tremendously since she started helping out 🙂

The last time I mulched was a hot mess. For some reason I thought it wise to wear a white shirt and purchase black mulch. Mulch that had clearly been rained on recently none the less and was dripping all over my beige interior no matter how many free plastic tarps I hoarded from Lowe’s.

Needless to say, after that first year, mulch wasn’t so much a priority to me anymore. But now that we have such beautiful greenery to showcase, we felt it was only right to give them the proper stage on which to display themselves.

We both had the day off, and no plans (aka no excuses)…trust me, I actually wanted to just sit on the couch and watch tv for once. (Specifically, Bob’s Burgers, lol)

It was our lucky day, because Lowe’s had the kind we wanted on sale, 4 for $10. We bought 12 bags.

Within minutes of pulling weeds and trying to remove previous years worth of ugly burnt orange mulch that had miraculously resurfaced, it began to rain. Great.

We started ripping open bags and dumping mounds of the stuff like it was our job. Luckily it stopped, giving me just enough time to prune an overgrown bush…which the perfectionist in me still doesn’t think is perfectly rounded, so I may have to do some touch ups tomorrow.

At this point, we were pretty tired, achy, wet, and dirty. When Brian asked if I wanted to stop and finish the rest another day, I didn’t hesitate to accept the offer! We were able to finish these two areas:



But still have to finish around the tree, and also the other side of the house.


Those flowers were tiny when we first planted them last year, so I’m glad to see they have returned and larger at that. We would like to add some more color though…we had really pretty yellow daffodils and some purple flowers I don’t remember the name of, but they bloomed in early spring and are already dead 😦

Surprisingly after all that manual labor, I was not hungry in the slightest. I ate a banana with almond butter, just for general purposes, lol. Brian also no longer felt like grilling and asked if we could eat Mexican. What is it with my friends and Mexican food? I had grilled beef, chicken, and shrimp on a bed of lettuce and pico de gallo. (It usually comes on tortilla chips and is smothered in cheese)

Today, I have to work the evening shift…I am on my lunch break right now actually. So, I had to prepare dinner to bring with me. Here it is, chicken breast, portobello mushroom cap, tomatoes, and an avocado. Like yesterday, I wasn’t really hungry this morning either, so I had two kiwi.


Last night after our mulching endeavor, Brian said he hoped we would get a nice rain to get the mulch to settle and clean up the plants a bit. Well he got what he wished for, yet this morning he was grumbling that the mulch is now dark brown, not black, and something about a year guarantee. Lol. Oh well. We may also need to add some kind of border to hold it all in, because another rain like that might wash all of our hard work away!

Tomorrow for dinner I plan to try a new paleo meatball recipe and some sort of kale soup or salad…so be sure to check back in!

Overall I think the two of us had an awesome weekend, although it was too short as usual

C & B


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