8 days and counting…

i can’t believe it’s only been a week since starting the paleo challenge. it feels MUCH longer! lol. and a challenge it certainly has been.

today for dinner we had meatballs on a bed of roasted kale, topped with tomato sauce.

i used this recipe as a base, but made a few changes and added some things of my own:

paleo meatballs


first, i used half ground beef, and half venison sausage. i also added some fresh minced garlic, green onion, and jalapeño. finally, i added black pepper. i was hoping that all of these things would make it more flavorful, but in the end i thought they were still pretty plain. brian on the other hand loved them. it made enough for dinner and leftovers for lunch tomorrow though, so that’s a plus, lol.

for the greens, i just whipped up some fresh lime juice, olive oil, and chipotle seasoning, and tossed the kale in it. i baked, then broiled them on a sheet covered with foil. i wish they were a little drier/crispier, so i will try to cook them longer next time. i guess i was just afraid they would be burned and ruined. i love everything citrus, but brian thought they were a little too tart. i am not very familiar with kale yet, but on day one when we made the shakes i thought they were sour…so perhaps kale is just a little more bitter than other greens? (i am saving the rest for a soup i’ve been drooling over.)

i told brian that you are supposed to put a little bit of kale, meat, and sauce in each bite…that way the stronger flavors (citrus/acidic) will complement the blander ones. i’m surprised he actually listened, because he was ready to give up on the kale, but ended up finishing his plate 🙂

on the way home from work, it was a warm 80 some degrees. i put on my sunglasses and opened the moon roof. usually on summer days like this, i would treat myself to a large coke at mcdonald’s, or a frappuccino at starbucks, but sadly today, i could not.

brian went to his friend’s to watch the pacer game, and i was left at home alone with a craving for something sweet. i googled “quick easy paleo desserts,” and this is what i found:

3 minute chocolate paleo mug cake


although it did sponge up, it was still oddly dry. i only ate half, but my sweet tooth was satiated. i don’t mean any offense to the creator of the recipe…for you can only expect so much from a mug cake recipe, especially a paleo one at that.

i am going to try a chocolate banana mousse tomorrow, but i have to leave a can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight first.

i have no idea what to make for dinner tomorrow…it was so much easier when ordering a pizza was an option, lol

one week down, 3 and some to go…

c & b


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