halfway “done”

today marks day 16 in my 30 day paleo commitment. at first i viewed it as still having halfway to go…but, i’m trying to look on the bright side that i’ve stuck with it this long already!

on saturday, we ended up going to flap-jacks for dinner. i had a southwest omelet that had spicy sausage, jalapenos, tomatoes, mushrooms…i think that’s it. instead of toast as a side, i asked for fresh fruit. of course they forgot to omit the colby jack cheese…it looked soooo good, but i had to pick it out and stay strong.

on sunday, we went to the stacked pickle. by this point, i was pretty frustrated, because going out to eat isn’t really even that enjoyable anymore. i usually have to have a salad (and ask to leave most things off like cheese, croutons, dressing, etc.) or something else i’m not very interested in. i ordered smothered chicken, minus the smothering (cheese)…so pretty much it was a plain ol’ grilled chicken with mushrooms on top. the sides were a vegetable medley (allowed!) and french fries (not allowed!) i asked to substitute mandarin oranges instead. of course she brought the fries out, and not the oranges. 😦 ugh! they looked amazing and i really just wanted to give in and eat some…but brian wouldn’t let me. he reminded me that i haven’t given into temptation yet, and i shouldn’t start now.

for dinner i tried a new soup with chicken broth, italian sausage, kale, and mushrooms. i added some seasonings and sriracha. i was hoping it would taste like that amazing zuppa toscana from olive garden…but sadly it fell very short. i just looked up the “copy cat” recipe, and here is what i was missing, although i’m not allowed to have most of these main ingredients anyway…potatoes, onion, bacon bits, heavy whipping cream. well no wonder!

on monday, i didn’t really eat much throughout the day. i’ve noticed i’m either not as hungry on this diet, or when you have to be so conscientious when deciding what to eat, eating isn’t as exciting. i had a ton of water, cashews, and golden raisins. i had brought leftover soup for lunch, but since i didn’t really love it the first time, it was hard to get bring myself to eat it the second time, so i did not. i had an orange.

luckily, i redeemed myself with dinner. we had sesame ginger beef, stir fried with sugar snapped peas, and carrots. i wasn’t a huge fan of carrots before starting paleo, but i have really grown to enjoy them.

dinner was delish, and i had a little bit leftover for lunch today as well. oh yeah! i just forgot until i looked at the picture, but i attempted to make paleo cornbread. it was hard just to find a recipe, because i haven’t been able to find coconut flour anywhere, and most of them call for that. i think it goes without saying, brian did not care for it. it was very “flat” and dry, if that makes sense. it wasn’t the most amazing thing i’ve ever had, but it did satiate my “craving for carbs.” here is the recipe if you are interested. (paleo cornbread) hers looks way puffier than mine…but that could be just because i was supposed to use an 8×8 baking pan, and i only have a 9×9, but oh well. i just found a paleo pizza recipe on her site that i wanted to try, yet she had cheese as one of the ingredients…so now i am questioning if she really knows what paleo is or not?!


and finally, that catches us up to today.

my sister wanted to come over and hang out, so i had to make something friendly for the two non paleo dieters.

i tried a new marinade for pork chops. the woman said she always hated pork, but this recipe made her love it so much, that now she has it weekly, and would have it twice a week if she could. that sounded very promising. it ended up being ok. i probably wouldn’t make it again. i don’t really like mustard to begin with, and that is one of the main ingredients. it was a little sour/acidic i guess. we also had asparagus. i only like the bottoms and tori only likes the tops, so we traded and it worked out perfectly. i made brown rice for tori and brian. i had another piece of my leftover “cornbread,” instead. here is the marinade recipe.

tomorrow we are FINALLY going to see the great gatsby. we have a pre-seasoned pork roast (pork two days in a row, i know right). i was going to make the same peas and carrots as last night, but perhaps a light salad and some fruit will be better. we shall see.

16 days…still at it…getting compliments from several people that i am slimming down. yay! always a good thing 🙂



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