(almost) 66.66% complete

so, i’m on day 19. that means tomorrow i can officially start counting down, instead of up. a countdown from 10 makes everything much more fun, am i right?!

although i’m proud of myself for closing in on this month long journey, i’m not gonna lie…these last few days have been hard.

here is a list of things that i wish to be eating:

  • a personal pan pizza from pizza hut, with pepperoni and pineapple
  • or sausage and pepperoni pizza from pizza king
  • flaming hot cheetos
  • coca cola gummies
  • chips and queso
  • orange leaf
  • macaroni and cheese
  • french fries
  • jalapeno kettle chips
  • a soft pretzel

that’s all i can think of right now, but i’m sure there are way more.

it doesn’t help that we finally went to the movies and i could not partake in the snacks. a red icee sounds soooo delish right now!

we also went to bdubs, because it’s one of our favorite places and it was thursday, so they have deals…and brian had a bad day, so i wanted to take one for the team…but it sucked to be me eating a salad with grilled chicken, instead of some nice crispy, spicy wings. grrrr.

we also finally went to 3 sisters cafe. i saw the salad i have been wanting on someone else’s table. it looked pretty small and not too exciting. so instead i ordered an omelet with spinach, tomatoes, sausage, mushrooms, and guacamole. i substituted fresh fruit for the toast. it was pretty good…but just like salads, i am about over omelets too.

today for lunch at work i had a salad with blueberries, plums, pork, almonds, and a poppy seed vinaigrette. it also had quinoa, but i could not have that. it was pretty good. but my appetite continues to decline, as my desire for paleo approved meals is not that big.

i guess i could look up more new recipes, but it seems that there is always some special ingredient i don’t have, and don’t want to stop at 10 different stores to find.

i also realized that i will not be able to drink when i go to the kenny chesney concert next week with my friend brooke.

and i also realized that i will not be able to go to the much anticipated craw fish broil at mudbugs with my friend cheryl.

i wanted to get something from starbucks but realized they don’t have coconut milk. so i tried to get iced tea, but they don’t have sugar free sweeter. which reminds me, i tried some “paleo friendly” soda called zevia. it was disgusting. it tasted like flat, diet soda. bleh.

although i know for sure i cannot go back to eating how i was before this experience, i am really ready for it to be over so i at least have options. i know i can last 10 more days, but i really don’t want to. lol

it doesn’t help that pizza hut keeps texting me deals like a large pan for $5.55. ugh.

as i’m typing, brian just asked what i want to do for dinner. lol. let’s see…do i want salad, or an omelet. neither. perhaps i’ll skip yet another meal. trying not to be debbie downer, but i am HANGRY.

that is all.



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