paleo schmaleo…

ugh, today was not a good day. i love how the first few days i was all up beat and chipper, like “yeah, i’ve got this!” and now as the end is in sight i’m all “get this over with already!”

today at work, i was talking with an older gentleman that i love, but hardly ever see, because he works the night shift. apparently he has been doing the paleo diet since march. MARCH! are you you freaking kidding me?! that is madness, and i’m not talking college basketball here people. lol. ok sorry that was a bad joke. but he has lost 38 pounds. 38 pounds! we discussed my progress, and it seems that we have a lot in common. i figure if he can do it for 3 1/2 months, i can do it for another week and a half and quit whining about it. and certainly if it’s going to help me lose a substantial amount of weight…although we all know it’s easier for guys. what part do you think is harder, losing the weight in the first place, or keeping it off?

he said that he eats a small breakfast, rarely eats lunch, and then has a small dinner, like me, so that was reassuring. he also said every once in a while he will have off days…for example, last night his wife and son ordered pizza and he had a piece, but it didn’t taste as he expected, and then he didn’t feel good afterwards. i don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing?? because i pretty much plan to have pizza as my first post paleo meal!

like i’ve mentioned before, i don’t own a scale. i rarely ever weigh myself. the only reason i even know roughly how much i weigh, is because the doctor checks every year during my exam. so today i made the mistake of using the free machine at work that tells you how much you weigh, your bmi, and also your percentage of body fat. it also takes your blood pressure, but i assumed my reading would be high, due to the stress of finding out my weight, bmi and percentage of body fat. my weight was pretty much exactly the same. what the heck?! how is that even possible?! the scrub pants that i wear every day are literally falling off of me. i was baffled, appalled, but most of all discouraged. ugh. that felt like a huge set back. of course everyone was trying to be reassuring and tell me not to weigh myself, and that it all depends on how your clothes fit, but i was still mad. brian tried the whole, “muscle weighs more than fat and since you are mostly just eating protein now, you have more muscle…” yada yada yada…but that didn’t help either.

ok, so i just googled, and this was the first thing i found:

“In fact, the number may even go up, but you will look thinner. This is due to an increase in lean body mass (muscle, bone, blood volume) and a decrease in body fat. In other words, even if the scale doesn’t change much, you will probably see a difference in how your clothes fit.”

sure, that works. lol

anywho…after work, we had a birthday party to go to. i wore one of my favorite pair of jeans (just washed and dried so you know how they shrink up) and one of my favorite tank tops. clearly, since they are my favorite, and i wear them often, i know how they fit, and i know how i look in them. except today, i felt as if i looked a lot better. like drastically better. so even if the scale didn’t necessarily reflect a change, i still feel great, and think a lot is changing for me.

here’s a pic, just because i was feeling fresh, haha. what did i ever do before all of these fun filters?!

20130608-231259.jpgand now, i want to share a random story, just because it made me smile…when my cousin tien was little, she couldn’t say christina, so she called me nina. well, it kind of stuck, so practically my whole life, my family has always called me nina. i hate nicknames, but for some reason, it’s ok for my family to use this one. however, i don’t like when anyone else does. well, brian of course has to push the envelope and call me nina. i told him it was weird, didn’t sound right coming from him, and i didn’t want him to do it. then he thought if he added “boo” to the end, i might find it more acceptable. i’m still not a huge fan of it, but when he calls me nina boo, it is a little endearing.

so today, when he was getting ready for the party, i heard him singing in the shower. he was singing only bruno mars songs, like just the way you are and i think i wanna marry you, and putting my name, or rather “nina boo” into the songs. lol. it was so stinkin funny, yet cute at the same time. except when he changed the words, and sang, “i think i wanna hang out with you, and marry you eventually, don’t get mad.” really?! lol.

ok, i guess you had to be there. but that’s my goofy goober for ya. love that man.



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