i am over this diet.

i am SOOOO over this diet!

with literally a week left to go, i am about ready to throw in the towel. the limited options are just very frustrating at this point.

i am also probably pms’ing (sorry if that is way too much info) and just want some comfort food. i’m up for anything with cheese right about now.

of course i am still seeing slow but sure results, and liking them. i know i need to continue eating like this and adding more exercise to get the optimum results i desire.

but still, it’s just getting harder by the day to reach 30.

if “food is fuel,” i am tired of unleaded and ready for premium damnit. lol.

unfortunately brian will be out of town when this is all said and done…so i will have to celebrate with someone else. anyone that wants to join, i will most likely be at pizza hut or pizza king. and probably some sort of frozen yogurt place afterwards.

i forgot to tell you that i have found an approved “frozen treat,” that is expensive for what it is, so i have just been having a spoon or two whenever i get a craving.


i made a tomato sauce from scratch in the crockpot that smells and tastes delicious. i will probably have that over grilled chicken tomorrow.

i have found a recipe for brussel sprouts that i want to try. also a few for shrimp. and finally one for banana muffins. i am also going to try my hand at some mashed sweet potatoes. haven’t found a recipe, but think i should be able to make that up myself.

hopefully those will get me through this last week, because i don’t think i can stomach another salad or omelet. (shoot me now)

have you seen the animated film madagascar, about zoo animals that escape into the wild? there comes a time when the lion finally starts viewing his friends as food…that’s what’s starting to happen for me. my coworkers are starting to look like cheese bread, sushi, gummi bears…

pray for me during these last 7 days…i’m surely going to need it!

i’m off to cry myself to sleep, as i hold a can of coke instead of a teddy bear.



2 thoughts on “HANGRY!

  1. Can I just say I love your blog! I want to try the So Delicious ice cream, but the price is keeping me away.

    • thanks! i’m so glad 😀 i saw it somewhere for like $4.99, so i’m going to keep shopping around. think about it, if you go to one of those frozen yogurt places, you probably pay about $5 or $6 for a one time dessert…this lasted me quite a while. i will let you know. also, you can go on their website and print coupons too…i need to do that next time!

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