you know it’s bad when…

ok friends, my last post, “hangry” received the most views my blog has ever received in one day. this tells me one of two things…first, either you guys are really interested in how my challenge is going, and you are super proud of my progress…or second (which i think is the actual reason) you like to hear how miserable i am and read my foodie rants! lol. you people are rude. haha. jk. i love you. and i love that you read my little ol blog no matter what the reason. boredom. intrique. in need of a good laugh. i hope to provide 😛

anywho…here is the homemade tomato “sauce” i was talking about, over grilled chicken breast. i put sauce in quotes, because you can clearly see it wasn’t very saucy. next time perhaps i will puree it in the blender? i couldn’t use traditional means of thickening it up, like flour or corn starch…so i just went with it. it had a nice kick and was pretty delish. even brian gave it the thumbs up.20130614-112452.jpg

last night, before the kenny chesney concert, brooke and i met up for dinner at mcalisters. i was about to throw my diet out the window and just get one of their incredible loaded spuds and a large sweet tea (which is more sweet than tea), because something obnoxious happened to me at work before i left. so for these last few weeks, i’ve been slimming down, feeling good right? i even had my hair done and make up on for the concert. see below:


i had just worked 7 days straight, pissed about a scheduling conflict that is preventing me from having a nice 4th of july weekend, ready for my 3 day weekend to start…and this lady asked me the most horrible question you could think of. i really wanted to slap her, but that would be unchristian of me. also it would be assault and probably result in me losing my job. you know it’s bad when…someone asks if you are PREGNANT!

wtf?! i had to contain my composure. politely, but sternly, i told her that no, i am not pregnant. in fact, i am on an intense diet, and am actually getting smaller, not bigger, but thanks for asking. ugh. the nerve. i was so upset. i texted brian right away. his response? “baby you’re not prego, you’re ragu.” (do i sound amused?!)

but, being the stubborn scorpio i am, i stuck with the stupid diet and ordered a savannah salad, no cheese.

change of subject…you know it’s bad when…the only concert you have been to is new kids on the block when you were like 4. that was my musical history, until last year my adoring boyfriend bought me tickets to see miranda lambert. she was just as amazing as i thought she would be. she is coming back this summer, and i think my friend at work needs to get rid of his $25 tickets, so i may be seeing her again 🙂

as my love for country music increases, i decided i wanted to go to another concert. although kenny chesney was the main event, i was really going for eli young band. i love them! kacey musgraves was also there. she was a little disappointing. i used to love her song “merry go round” but the more i heard from her, she is just really depressing and judgmental. she also isn’t the best live performer. kenny on the other hand was handsome as all get out and knows how to put on a show. i don’t think that man took one breather the whole night. i was hoping he would take his shirt off, but it didn’t happen lol. would’ve been better if we could have partaken in adult beverages, but we still had a good time. this girl in front of us was so wasted she started crying, passed out during the second act, her friends were messing with her the whole night. she wakes up for literally the last song and is dancing her behind off. wow. i think i smelled just about everything under the sun you can smoke so that was annoying. but overall i had a great night. i was also worried i wouldn’t be able to wear my cowgirl boots because it was down pouring that morning and we had lawn seats…but it all worked out in the end 🙂

here’s brooke, my honey boo boo. i liked this shirt as well, but for some reason i just can’t stand the neck line on most t shirts, so i did not purchase that one. isn’t she a cutie patootie?!


here is the shirt i ended up getting. i paid a ridiculous price for it of course, but when i went to miranda there was not one shirt i liked, so i was willing to pay for this one. also, i am a weirdo and don’t like odd numbers, especially this one, but i clearly didn’t let that stop me.

20130614-113336.jpg20130614-113348.jpgps, crazy girl is my favorite song by them. gives me chills. also helps keep me grounded when it comes to relationship issues. brian and i may fight and need time and space apart to settle down and work it out, but i know in the end we are truly in love and will always work it out. say it with me now…”awwww.” lol


first the sun was too bright…


and then it was too dark. but you get the idea.

and my last, “you know it’s bad when…” i had a dream that i was at someone’s open house. i was helping put away the food. well, at least i was supposed to be. but instead i was sampling all the forbidden things on my diet:  croissants, brownies, cheese, etc. etc. wow. even my subconscious is telling me to break down and cheat already, haha. on the way home from the concert i almost broke down and stopped for a coke and some form of chips, but i didn’t.

brian worked over all week so he could come home early and go to the pool with me. i’m so excited! i think for dinner i want to try the “unwich” at jimmy john’s. a few more days and i’m free! although clearly, i need more work if i still have a large enough pooch that looks like i am growing a small fetus. ugh.



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