“merry” land

the majority of my family lives in maryland. we try to get together every year, but with my mom and i working at the hospital, it doesn’t always work out. last year, we went on a disney cruise for my grandfather’s 80th birthday. (which i’m still paying off by the way) it was a blast! you can read more about it here.

the first night we arrived, we ate dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house and did a few simple firecrackers in the backyard, because fireworks are actually banned in maryland i guess? or something like that. anywho, here are a few pics.




i hate to admit it, but i am deathly afraid of sparklers. i don’t know if i had a traumatic experience with them or what, but i just can’t bring myself to partake in them. which stinks, because i love all of those wedding pictures where they spell out the date or something in sparklers and it makes a really cool image. oh well.

of course baby grant is one of the highlights of the trip. here he is, pretending to play dead lol.


and what would be a family trip without a little sibling love? me and tori 🙂


this one was just too cute, so i had to sneak a pic. here are my mom and grandma holding hands at the mall. precious.


sam, tori, and i have a weird hat obsession. whenever we are all together, and there are hats near, we always take a pic. i think we even have one on that old cruise post i linked to earlier. probably some of the same hats too, since this was taken at the disney store. lol. it never gets old.


it’s funny, because i was mostly anxious to get home to resume my “diet.” well, i guess i can stop calling it a diet now, and just start referring to it as my way of eating. being asian, we had a lot of rice and noodle dishes. and driving to and from, we had a lot of fast food. i was really just ready for some veggies! although i don’t think i will be following paleo to the extreme, as i did for those 30 days, i will for sure be sticking as closely to veggies and protein as i can.

while in maryland, i got a new bathing suit and felt amazing about myself. when i came home, one of the first things brian said to me is that he can really tell how much i’ve slimmed down. i tried to drink a coke and it tasted like pure syrup.

i think i’ve really changed my outlook on food, and my tastes. i love not only how i am starting to look, but also how i always feel when i eat like this. i never feel heavy or bloated, i never had acid reflux or regretted anything i ate, etc. etc.

not saying i’m never going to have cheese, or chips or candy again, but it may be once a week, versus once a day. yay! i looked into crossfit as well, and it was just a little more than i am willing or able to pay at this time, so i’ve got to get into something else. would love to pick up zumba again. anyone wanna join?

although i have to head back to work this weekend, it still feels good to be home sweet home.



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