he loves me!

yesterday, the boy and i celebrated two glorious years together. ok, that sounds cheesy, but they have been pretty great! 🙂 when we first started dating, i told brian that i don’t like flowers. it’s not that i don’t like flowers, of course every girl loves flowers…it’s just that i think they are so expensive for something that’s only going to be pretty for a few days, and then shrivel up and wilt away. i’d rather spend the money on something that will last, or an experience that we will remember. well, he surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet, saying that even sometimes beautiful girls need beautiful flowers. what a sweetheart right? he didn’t get just any ol’ grocery store flowers either…oh no, he went to the good place, lol. and apparently he told the lady that they had to be light blue or the deal was off. what a goober. the light blue, white, and violet look really amazing together, especially in our coral kitchen


here i am, all dolled up and actually ready to leave before brian was. what a miracle. i just got a trim and am anxious for my hair to get back to where it used to be before i chopped it all off last summer


and here’s my handsome man ready for the day’s events as well. awwww!


of course i had to snap one of the two of us before we got going.


we had quite the errand list before we could get to the good stuff. first, he had to be fitted for a tux for a friend’s wedding. then i had to go to joann’s for some supplies. we also needed some things from target. and finally…

he put a ring on it!


haha, NO! not an engagement ring. (i wish! lol) a ring from pandora that i have been wanting for forever. remember how i got a fossil purse? well, when they shipped it to me, it was missing the strap! hello?! how am i supposed to wear a crossbody purse, with a strap?! i complained to customer service, but they were unable to do anything, so i had to return the purse 😥 but i ended up getting this instead.

i love pandora rings! i have 3 already. there are so many i want, and they discontinue them all the time, so i decided i should probably get this one before i lost my chance at it too. it’s called rutilite…whatever that is! i just know that it’s really unique and cool looking. brian liked it too, so i just went for it. hopefully by our next anniversary i will have another ring, if you know what i’m sayin. haha.


then we went to the most amazing restaurant ever…my favorite meal of all time…benihana’s! i had filet mignon and lobster tail, and green tea ice cream. needless to say…i was in HEAVEN!


i wanted to blog as soon as we got home, but brian wouldn’t let me. we watched despicable me 2 together (but you know i fell asleep. lol)

i don’t know if i’ve ever shared this before, but brian and i met online. when we got serious we said we should probably make up a better story, but we never did. i don’t think i’m as embarrassed by it as he is. creating an online profile gave me the chance to portray myself and a guy could either take me as i am, or skip to the next. it did all the work for me of matching me with someone that has similar interests, background, and morals, and weeded out people i’d rather not waste my time with. i keep saying we should write in a success story, because so far all the ones on the site are not that impressive, lol, but he keeps saying no. i say not yet. 😉

i never thought when we had our first date at bdubs, lasting over 8 hours mind you, that we would be where we are today. and although he made my day super special with flowers, and jewelry, and fine dining, lol…the best part is just having him in my life. two years, and still smitten. must be doin somethin right

c & b


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