staycation…day 1

working at the hospital has its ups and downs…one down being that you have to sign up for your pto almost a year in advance.

one up being that i had forgotten that i signed up for a week off!

well actually, my mom told me what days to take off and i did it, lol. my mom, brother, and sister are all off, so my mom already has all of my days planned out for me.

brian has been awesome the last few nights about taking care of dinner, so yesterday after work i asked if there is anything he has been craving so i could make it for him. before asking him, there were only about 3 things at most that i knew he would choose from, and of course he did…biscuits and gravy. growing up with a vietnamese mom, most of our dinners consisted of a meat, rice, and a vegetable. it was only when my dad married my stepmom that i started experiencing “american” foods, like her famous biscuits and gravy. there’s a secret ingredient, but i’ll never tell 😉 lol. i really think i won brian’s heart through his stomach.

anywho, while i was at the grocery picking up some milk, these cute flowers were on sale, and my anniversary ones were about dead, so i decided to replace them. hopefully having fresh flowers in the house won’t become something i need, because it could get pricey. but they are so pretty! 🙂


we also took a nice walk around the neighborhood after dinner. it was a good night.

i needed to wake up refreshed, because i had a long day ahead. first, tori and i met my friend/coworker at butler. tori will be a senior in high school in a few days, and has her college choices down to three. however, she is pretty shy and didn’t want to go on an actual campus tour, so daniel was gracious enough to take us around and answer some questions for us. butler is still her first pick…she is also considering purdue (BOO!) and maryland. she likes a school in michigan as well, but my parents think that is too far. i know you must be thinking that maryland is way further than michigan…but, we have 14 family members that live there. enough said, lol. i plan to start helping her with essays, scholarship applications, etc. soon

i think it’s fair to say she had a good time:


the best part for me was finding this gem hanging on the wall of the pharmacy school. gotta love 80’s hair!


i bought tori her first official butler tee, and then we headed to the mall to finish her birthday shopping. #spoiled


i dropped tori back off at home so she could get in a quick nap before work (tough day huh?).

once i got home, i got a solid hour and a half in at the pool to work on my tan. i am also now 60% done with this darn book.

finally, i (re)started a new craft project, but not enough progress to post yet.

check back in to see what tomorrow has in store!



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