staycation…day 2

this morning i was in a purging mood. i offered up some of this quilted fabric to the indy modern quilt guild, but so far no takers, lol. (side note, i’ve really gotta get a nice camera and stop using this ipod!)20130808-184351.jpgi also gathered some scrapbook papers and softie magazines that i plan to give ashlee when we hang out sometime next week.20130808-184359.jpgand since my hair is incredibly too thick for this, i decided to part ways and give it to my mom. it blow dries and curls at the same time, which is perfect for her cute little bob.


not pictured, i gave a friend some scrub pants that fit guys better than girls, and gave my brother my toaster oven to take to his house when he goes back to school. now i need a new one! i need to get a new microwave too so i can give him my old one.

after that, i headed to the library. i wanted to check out the quilt books, but unfortunately there weren’t really any that appealed to me. i was just about to leave empty handed, but a paper craft book caught my eye. after that i was able to collect quite a few šŸ™‚


my mom, brother, sister, and i met a friend at the vietnamese restaurant. i had pho and it was delicious as usual.

then, we ran some errands…i was in the market for a new small bookshelf or something for the craft room to hold books and supplies, but didn’t have much luck.

finally, we relaxed at starbucks and “bonded” for a bit. i had my favorite drink, which i like to call “christmas in a cup.” (venti, iced, soy, cinnamon dolce latte…with whip.) YUM!

i read a little of my book (up to like 68% now, lol)

now just relaxing at home with the boy, discussing the day’s events and what to have for dinner.

i’m also about to work on a very fun and special post for my art blog, but i am not allowed to post it until midnight. so make sure you check it out later tonight or tomorrow šŸ™‚




4 thoughts on “staycation…day 2

    • cheater cheater! you weren’t supposed to see that yet lol. girly pages for the babe and brown/blue pages for the boy. plus you are good at creature making so i figure you will get better use of them than me. been saving them for you for a while. can’t wait to see you all! šŸ™‚

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