staycation days 3, 4, and 5

sorry i haven’t been the best about updating these last few days…guess i’ve just been having too much fun! πŸ™‚

on day 3 (friday), i had to get up super early. my mom, sam, tori, and i drove to munster, indiana for our annual eye appointment. it’s about two hours away, and they are an hour behind, so we had to leave around 6:45 to get there on time. we barely made it. and i know that sitting in one small room with 3 family members while getting your eyes checked sounds torturous, however, we always seem to crack up and have a good time. luckily for me, my prescription hasn’t changed one bit!

after that, we ate lunch at bagger dave’s and ran some errands.

that night, my friend cheryl and i went to the miranda lambert concert. i love miranda, and had a blast at her concert last year. however, this year just wasn’t the same. i had bragged to cheryl about how she was so upbeat and spunky, and entertained you between songs with personal stories, stories behind the lyrics, etc. this year, she did none of that. she came out really late, and ended a little early. i wasn’t very impressed. it was as if she was just going through the motions. and this is the second year in a row she hasn’t had any cute shirts to buy either. boo. my top three favorite songs of hers are:

1. mama i’m alright

2. house that built me


3. love song

she did sing house that built me. i guess 1 outta 3 aint bad.

yesterday, brian and i met up with our friends jason and kate for lunch at bdubs. they have an adorable son named mason, and are expecting another son, jacob. mason and brian have a hot and cold relationship, so i was lucky to snap this shot.Β 20130811-172941.jpg

after lunch, we went to the pool. it was a blast. you know i could stay there for hours. but the little one fell asleep on my shoulder, so we headed back to their house. so precious!


then, we grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob. we also had potato chips and pasta salad. what a perfect summer night!

ok don’t judge me…i have this weird way of eating corn on the cob. i swear we had corn on the cob with them last year, and they knew this about me, but i guess not…because everyone looked at me like i had horns:


i don’t know why i eat it this way. i think my mom taught me how to when i was little and it just stuck. it looks nice and neat and you don’t get kernels caught in your teeth. maybe i’m just a little ocd? lol. i said don’t judge!

we also rented admission with tina fey and paul rudd. it was pretty cute.

and finally, that brings us to today.

first, we went to breakfast at the kolache factory. i have been wanting to try it for forever, and was finally able to convince brian. i think he was glad he came along because it was delicious!

then we went to the exchange, and best buy so he could look at video games, but of course he didn’t get any.

then we went to target for me. i have these little cubby type things that i told my brother he could bring to school with him. well that meant that i needed to get something for myself to replace them with.

here’s the before picture…


here they are empty, ready to bring to sam…


i think i got the raw end of the deal, because my new ones are soooo small! i bought a few canvas storage bins to put inside…the ones advertised alongside this no less, and they did not fit! ugh! oh well, i still think it looks pretty cute in my craft room πŸ™‚ under the table to the left though…that’s another story! lol


i even cleaned the craft table. here is the paper side…


and here is the fabric side…


oh yeah, we also cut the grass and did laundry. now we are about to make tacos.

i think i may even head out to reggae night this evening…but i’m still not sure yet.

i also finally finished that book, i’m now on my third, and it is already going much faster. you can read the review here. πŸ™‚



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