staycation day 6…

today is a bittersweet day for me…

today my baby girl turns 18.

victoria trang cook…my toto…my V.I.C…my sticks…my partner in crime.

for those of you that know tori and i, you would never guess that 11 years separate us in age, because we are so close. if anything, we both act about 5 years old when we are together.

this morning i woke up early to make tori her favorite “cake.” it’s a very simple amish coffee cake with cinnamon and brown sugar crumbles on top and also in the middle. my whole family met at starbucks, probably one of tori’s favorite places, to enjoy a nice breakfast together. since our brother had to work until late tonight, and tori wanted to have dinner with her friends tonight…we will be taking her to bravo tomorrow.

you may have read in a previous post that i already took tori shopping…she got her first official butler tee (complete with bulldog), and also some new nikes.

she starts school on wednesday, and will be a big senior. 😥 although i am so very proud of the young lady she has become and know how amazing of a woman she will be…i am sad that instead of reading her bedtime stories, i am now helping her write college essays.

my siblings are the reason i wanted to become a teacher…i have taught them a lot…but they have taught me even more about being a role model, the importance of family, and how to laugh at ourselves.

i love them very much.

here are a few photos to commemorate tori’s childhood, as she passes into adulthood. (tear)







toto5 toto4

after breakfast with the fam, i didn’t do a whole lot. went to half priced books to sell some things and look for some other things…but didn’t have great luck with either task.

went to joann’s to get fabric for a new quilt, because they were on super sale. (hop over to my craft blog to see what i have in the works because i’m really excited about it!)

tomorrow is my last day off, then it’s back to work on wednesday. boo! lol. but i do have some fun stuff planned, so come back tomorrow when i wrap up my staycation series 🙂



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