yes, i’m still alive…

apparently i had too much fun on my staycation and forgot to check in! on the last day before returning to work, i headed to the zoo to meet up with my good friends ashlee and jenny, and their little chickadees. although grayson is still pretty young, i think he had a good time and enjoyed himself. how handsome!20130824-201634.jpg

ashlee has a membership to the zoo, and tries to take archer and griffin at least once a week, so archer is a seasoned pro. it was so cute because she is super fast and would take off toward her favorite locations. i definitely got my work out in chasing after her, that’s for sure. she liked the bridge by the rhinos and the monkeys, which she called “mimi’s.” she also like trying to touch the sharks and climb rocks. what a cutie! griffin was asleep for the majority of the trip and snuggled against mommy, so i adopted archer for the day. we had a blast πŸ™‚ ashlee was reprimanding me for not taking enough pictures, but we were having so much fun i was enjoying the moments and not really getting a chance to capture them.


after that, jenny and i had lunch at barcelona tapas. the tres leches cake is to.die.for!


after that it was back to work for me 😦

however, the following saturday night, brian and i got to babysit grayson for a few hours while jenny was at work. even though i was tired, it was still a lot of fun. he is such a sweet boy. here are the boys snuggling. awwww.


grayson loves his auntie nina and uncle brian. here he is smiling for the camera…


grayson has the most adorable outfits. look at this monsters’ inc shirt. i could just eat him up!


here’s another one of the boys. we sang songs, read books, went on a walk, ate dinner, etc. all in all a successful evening.


and that brings us up to date. brian’s dad got him a subscription to the “reds’ report,” a newspaper about the cincinnati reds. it came with two free tickets to select games. the only one we could make it to was the one this past friday against the brewers. here i am getting all geared up in the bathroom after work, lol

20130824-201858.jpgwhen we first got there, we looked down on the bullpen to watcher homer bailey warming up. he is awesome! he threw a no-hitter last year, and another one this year.




friday night lights isn’t just for football you know! πŸ˜‰


brandon phillips’ biggest fan right here:


i hate bridges, but i love looking at this one from the ballpark. love cincinnati!


this is a great photo


this one, not so much, but it’s the only one i’ve got


the rest of this weekend involved quilting, errands, and a little pool action.

t-3 days until our REAL vacation to louisville.


c & b


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