the louisville chronicles

even though we have been together for a little over 2 years now, brian and i have never taken a vacation alone together. we have gone to out of town weddings and shared hotel rooms with other friends. we have gone to visit friends and family members in other cities, but we have never taken a trip with just the two of us. i have to sign up for pto a year in advance (because i work at a hospital) so that kind of stinks. i tried to pick a time of year that would have nice weather, and was centered around a holiday, so we would already have that day off, and there would be fun things to do. we could also take some days off before the holiday, and after, instead of taking one whole week off. (there is usually a method to my madness)

aside from the weather, everything else worked out in our favor. half of the time we were there, the temperature was over 90 degrees. the other half of the time, it was pouring down rain.

the first night we arrived, we got decked out in our hoosier gear and headed to a sports bar to watch the football game. i failed to mention that we stayed on 4th street, so we were within walking distance of several bars, restaurants, shops, etc. the place we picked was called the sports and social club. it had a bowling alley in it, which we did not partake in. and they had AMAZING wings! omg. best wings ever.


ok, i was going to try to put the pictures in the order they happened, and tell what we did day by day…however, i think they got jumbled, so perhaps i will just explain what is happening as i go along, lol.

this sign was on the building next to our hotel and i thought it was funny because i have heard louisville said so many different ways, and am still not sure of the proper pronunciation. i also bought a t-shirt that has a horse, colonel sanders, etc. with speech bubbles saying pretty much the same thing as this sign, lol.

20130903-144610.jpgthis trip further reinforced that brian and i are polar opposites. he likes to take his time, relax, and in general is just very easy going. i like to go, go go! especially on vacation, you have limited days and unlimited activities. i only brought one paperback book and left my kindle at home, because i didn’t think i would have much time to read, but i was wrong! i finished my book quickly and even had to go to half price books for replacements. after this, i will update my 30 before 30 reading list. πŸ™‚ here i am in the hotel lobby, on one of my many afternoon reading sessions.


there was this really cool souvenir shop called why louisville, which is where i bought my tshirt. here is brian posing as a muscle man and abe lincoln outside of the store, lol


i am a sucker for old fashioned photo booths and they had one in the store. it said you would get a total of 4 pictures, so we planned to kiss on the last one, but it tricked us 😦 i still think it’s pretty cute πŸ™‚


we also got a funny post card from their local printing press that said KY is for horses not jelly. lol. inappropriate, but really funny, and will definitely make it’s appearance in my scrapbook.

i don’t remember where we were when we saw this sign, but i had to add to it. brian was being a party pooper and didn’t want to join in. i wrote that before i die i would like to ride in a hot air balloon. there were several other things i could have written, but for some reason i really really really wanna ride in one! lol please also excuse the stupid “t” someone added.


we also made it to the louisville slugger museum, which didn’t have as much as i thought it would, but we also didn’t take the actual bat making tour.


and here is my handsome just being weird and posing next to this guy lol


when looking up things to do in louisville, i found this “whiskey bar,” that sounded interesting. i don’t particularly like whiskey, but it said that they had all sorts of beers too. it was a hole in the wall, but i still had a good time. i had a delicious pumpkin beer and also this beer mixed with grapefruit juice? brian stuck with coors…boring!


this next picture is from a mexican restaurant we went to called chuy’s. it was huge and packed so we knew it had to be good, and it did not disappoint. in addition to salsa, they also give you creamy jalapeno dip…to die for! it was pretty reasonably priced too. and it felt like i was at a fiesta πŸ™‚


oh lord, i almost forgot about the next thing…i do not like gambling at all…i would rather spend money on something i want, than lose it for nothing. however, since brian was being such a selfless boyfriend the whole trip, and the one thing he wanted to do was closed due to the heat (kentucky downs…he loves the horse track) i decided to be nice and ask if he wanted to go to the casino across the bridge.


here i am, patiently waiting for brian to be done, so we could leave, lol


here is one of my two vouchers. not too shabby huh? πŸ˜‰


with my big winnings, i took us to steak n’ shake to celebrate. LOL! the gps kept calling it “steak ‘north’ shake” and we thought that was pretty hilarious.


being the “derby city” meant there were horses everywhere…and who am i to pass up a photo op?


we also learned that there are more bourbon barrels than people in kentucky…interesting…



here we are in the car, waiting out the torrential downpour



and finally, here are all three of the shot glasses we purchased for our collection. i thought it was weird that they are all plain black, but brian didn’t seem to think so.


all in all we had a good time. there were enough art activities for me (which you can read about on my other blog here), and enough sporting events for brian. we were also able to balance relaxation with activities, something i need to learn to do more often, especially on vacation right?

luckily i have today off too to kind of unwind before heading back to work tomorrow. i don’t have another “day off” until the end of the month when we head to a friend’s wedding in tennessee.

i think this might actually be the first time i have fully unpacked once getting home from a trip. i’m embarassed to say that i had to clean out stuff from my arizona trip in order to use my suitcase. when was that? march? april? yikes. unpacked and got all of the laundry done last night. feels good!

i feel like we did a lot more than pictured, but you get the main idea, lol.

c & b


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