much needed girl time

now, i must be honest…i’m not the best friend to have if you like to hang out a lot. i am a home body! after a long day at work, i usually want to come home, change into yoga pants and just veg! i may craft, read, or watch a movie, but i don’t have much energy left after 8 or 9 demanding hours at the hospital, and want to put little effort into activities for the rest of the night. we also have to work every other weekend now, and i have to be on call once a week until 11 pm, so when i have two days off in a row i am either catching up on sleep, doing chores around the house, or running errands.

however, these last 3 or 4 days i have spent a ton of time with my chicas, and had a blast!

it started on thursday after work. cheryl and i were supposed to work out. probably the elliptical, because that’s about all i’m good for. however, since it was such a nice day out, and she lives close to the monon, we decided to go for a bike ride instead. she asked if i wanted to ride all the way to carmel and get a bubble tea, but i didn’t think i was up for that. we ended up riding into broadripple instead, and got ice cream at bric’s. we have never been there before and it was delish! let me tell ya, “one scoop” was more like 4 or 5 so we managed to ruin our dinner. cheryl had cake batter and i had blackberry. we both had waffle cones and were in heaven. the pumpkin was amazing too (we sampled it) but neither of us ended up getting that in the end. not gonna lie, the ride back was a little rough for me. we all know i have more than a few extra pounds, and at that point my butt was on fire. (cheryl failed to mention that her bike-that i was borrowing-is a mountain bike, which has little to no cushion on the seat.) overall we rode almost 8 miles. it was fun, i was just being a baby and was hurtin for the next few days.

when we got back to her place, she made us baked sweet potatoes, and we threw a random smorgasbord of ingredients on top…feta crumbles, avocado, quinoa, and black beans. although i would never think to put those items together, i really enjoyed it.

finally, we watched tv and crafted. we watched “girls just wanna have fun,” which made me feel old because i was 2 when it came out and cheryl was -2. i love musicals and song and dance movies, so it was right up my alley. cheryl was making fun of me because as soon as the first song came on i was like “i’ve got to get this soundtrack.” lol. i had obviously never seen the movie before, but i’m sure it will soon be one of my faves.

we both started to wind down, and when i looked at my watch it was almost midnight! definitely didn’t plan to stay that long, but i guess time really flies when you’re having fun! i got a little bit more done on my cross stitch project…and got a new hoop for it, because my old one was entirely too small


on friday night, our friends jeremy and elecia, who are getting married at the end of october, had a couple’s “stock our bar” shower. here is what we brought them:

20130908-170226.jpgi hate tequila! but brian actually owed them a bottle because of a drunken iu vs. kentucky basketball game gone horribly south from like 2 years ago lol. i think they were pleased. they also registered for movies and games, so i was pretty jealous about most of the gifts they received lol.

after the shower, the boys headed to bloomington for jeremy’s bachelor party, and the girls stayed together. we drank sangria and played “cards against humanity” which is like the highly inappropriate, yet hilarious version of apples to apples. we listened to lost of kesha and had a really good evening.

saturday, i ran errands with my best friend ever (jenny) and her son (my nephew) grayson. we always manage to spend way too much money, have buyer’s remorse, but still have a great time. we went to joann fabrics, where i was able to get this amazing IU frame on clearance

20130908-171557.jpgand also this adorable kermit the frog fabric

20130908-171656.jpgwe also picked out this cute elephant hat for nugget. he usually doesn’t allow anything to be on his head, however, i think this one was loose enough and we were able to snap some pics. love this boy! and he loves his auntie too. we give each other “head butts” and kisses and he is always smiling! jenny and i were cracking up about something and all of a sudden he starts laughing too in the backseat, which made us laugh even harder, which made him laugh even harder 🙂


after that we went to target. i got way more than i should have, but i was most excited about these jelly flip flops that were in the kid section, lol, and on clearance for $3. winning!

20130908-171702.jpgand finally, saturday evening, i hung out with katie and alyssa. we watched lots of college football, ate lots of snacks, and had probably the most random, yet amazing conversation ever. there was bitching about boys of course, there was dying of laughter, there was deep secret sharing, etc. it was just really fun lol.

this morning, while katie was getting ready, i played with little man. he is a hoot and probably the most advanced 2 year old i’ve ever known. first he climbed in this toy basket and told me he was “sleeping.” he also faked a sneeze and politely thanked me once i told him “god bless you.” lol


after that, he asked me to take a picture of him with both of his chuck e. cheeses, and proceeded to fake snore. he is very entertaining, that’s for sure. he can almost say christina too, it’s super cute.


today, when brian got home, we watched the colts, which got hairy for a minute.

we are headed to the grocery soon, and i don’t think i have ever been more excited in my life. lol. first of all, we haven’t been in FOREVER! second of all, spending money and our ideals on food are way different and always a big ordeal at our house. i had to bribe him with bdubs for dinner, just because kroger is right next to it. so ornery!

but what i’m excited about, is that i’m super prepared. i got on kroger’s website and wrote down everything we wanted/needed that’s on sale. they also have digital coupons that you can load onto your kroger plus card that will automatically be taken off when you check out. yeah baby! and finally, i wrote out our list starting from the entrance, all the way around to checkout, to make sure we stay on task and stick to the list, but also to make sure we don’t forget what we actually need. ocd much?

well, i’m pretty starving, so i think it’s about time i wake him from his afternoon nap and start heading that way.

although i’m definitely not ready for work in the morning, i think i’ve had my fair share of fun 🙂





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