too much fun to handle!

so, i know i haven’t written in quite awhile, but that’s because i’ve been having too much fun! a few weekends ago, a group of about 5 couples went out to celebrate one of our friends’ birthday. we went to the tilted kilt downtown, which is basically an irish version of hooters. it was perfect, because all of the guys sat at one end watching sports and drinking beer, and us girls all sat down at the other end taking (a ton of) $2 shots, and pictures. ps, their wings were amazing, and i would even endure scantily dressed females again for another basket of them!

here’s kinsey being a goof ball


and katie being one as well πŸ™‚


this past weekend, we headed to a small town in tennessee for our friends’ wedding. we went a day early so the boys could play golf, which means we had an extra day to go out and celebrate before the ceremony.

here are me and cameron diaz, i mean ashley πŸ™‚


and here’s me with the babe!


the wedding was outside in the mountains. it was gorgeous!


this pic is blurry, but i still love it! ❀


me and ashley again. awwww!


we forgot to get a shot glass for our collection, so i guess we will have to venture back sometime. i’m voting for gatlinburg or nashville.

and that brings us to today. after work, my best friend jenny and i took grayson to a pumpkin patch for his first time. he just keeps getting more and more adorable every day…i can’t stand it! look at those curls…my baby!


i gave him a baby pumpkin and he was very fascinated by it πŸ˜›



i was really hoping there would be honeycrisp apples, but there weren’t, so i didn’t get any…but look how delicious and pretty they look anyway


we have plans with a friend tomorrow, and plans with a friend on friday…we also might try to make it down to bloomington on saturday for the football game, but we are still unsure. we’ve had a pretty busy couple of weeks and have another wedding, a bonfire, and a few more events to attend this month as well. perhaps we should just relax this weekend? we shall see

ps, i finished another book for my 30 before 30 list…check it out here.

c & b


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