hoo hoo hoo hoosiers!

i love love love IU! i miss bloomington soooo much! i think of any excuse i can to go visit.

when brian was still able to get the special “young alumni” rate, we had season football tickets two years in a row. now, we are poor and have to pick and choose which games are worth attending.

we almost didn’t go this past weekend, because of the forecasted rain, but we decided that a 30% chance wasn’t too bad, and we should risk it. let me tell you…it poured for the majority of the time, but hey, i got to break out my new IU poncho i got for christmas, so there’s that 🙂

it was a noon game, so we had to get up pretty early to get down there in time and have a little pre game action before heading into the stadium. i was grouchy and tired and did not want to get out of bed. luckily brian made me, because i would have really regretted missing out.

in the rush, i forgot a corkscrew for my wine, the only thing i planned to drink 😦 i don’t really like wine, and always joke that i’m not sophisticated enough to have aquired a taste for it yet. if it is super sweet, i can force it down. however, a few days ago, my friend introduced me to an amazing, and also affordable, red wine with a bit of a sparkle to it, and i was super excited to have a whole bottle to myself. yeah, fail.

i remember once when my mom, uncle, and i were in a hotel and didn’t have a corkscrew, we googled how to open a bottle of wine without one. essentially you put a screw in the cork and pull it out with pliers, so i made brian open his tool box and attempt this…but he didn’t have pliers 😦 so then we tried to just push the cork into the bottle. no success. luckily i had a leftover strawberita in his car from the tennessee trip. i also forced down a killians and a bud light. ew.20131007-094135.jpg

here’s me and my boo. awwww20131007-094151.jpg

and me and little brother eric 🙂 please don’t mind my wet atrocious hair. i promise it didn’t look like that when we left the house!


brian:  “baby, it’s national breast cancer awareness month. is that why your toes are pink?”


in case i was too inebriated to remember the words to the fight song, i took a picture of this guy’s very helpful shirt 🙂 lol


and since eric has a much fancier camera on his phone than we do, he was nice enough to take this of us. awwww. i hope to one day have a collage of pictures of us tailgating from all the years we have been together. this one’s pretty cute even though i look like a drowned sewer rat lol


and like i said, good thing we went, because we blew penn state out of the water and it was such an amazing game to be able to watch first hand. so entertaining, i was jumping up and down and off of my seat more than sitting on it. i only wish we would’ve recorded it at home so we could watch it again. lol

before heading home, brian finally let me stop to get some new iu shirts

20131008-115140.jpg20131008-115146.jpg2 for $15, can’t beat that deal! he also got us personalized iu shot glasses for our collection. it’s the small things that make me happy lol.

in other news, i had an interview today. i’ve about given up on the whole teaching thing, but i don’t want to make chemo for the rest of my life either, and all the of degrees i’ve looked into are all 4 year programs. so, on a whim, i decided to start applying for teaching jobs outside of the traditional classroom, and that lead me to head start. while doing field experience and student teaching, i have worked in two head start locations previously and loved them. they are basically classes for 3-5 year olds, that come from low income households…hence the title “head start.” my interview was over 2 hours…what the heck?! that’s how i spent my “morning off.” it’s not in the best neighborhood, but sometimes those are the areas that need the best teachers. c’mon, who wouldn’t want this face for their kid’s preschool teacher

20131008-115155.jpgneed to go get reacquainted with the reggio approach and write a thank you card…and will keep you posted.

but first, lunch at brugge (my fave!) then painting pottery and getting sushi for dinner (also my fave!)



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