weekend fun

as you all know by now, i took a new job, and can’t wait to start! however, in the meantime, i am still dealing with the stress of the current one. on top of that, i have been training someone to (attempt to) take my place ๐Ÿ˜› lol. needless to say, it’s been a long week, and i was ready for some fun!

friday night, we couldn’t get too crazy. brian’s little brother was coming to hang out after he got off work around 11. i also did some retail therapy at target after work with a friend. so by the time i got home, our window for a date night was getting smaller and smaller. i also just got a flu shot on thursday, and was feeling pretty groggy. we decided to just go to dinner somewhere close by. (macaroni grill) the food was pretty delish, but for italian, and for the price, brian said he would prefer olive garden next time, lol. i even splurged on a glass of wine, which i never do when i go out, but it was worth it…a very light and smooth moscato. may have to look for that brand next time i shop for a new bottle!

you know i am a picture buff, and am always begging brian to take pictures with me. he makes fun of how i’m always “posing” and how i need to just take candid shots, which lead to this…lol!20131019-115259.jpg

here’s an example of what he’s talking about, lol


so then i took one of him and told him not to pose! mmmm hmmmm


here we are! are we already starting to look alike?


and here he was being a creeper, which i knew meant i wouldn’t be getting any more quality photos out of him. ps, this is the new infinity scarf i got at target. isn’t it awesome?!


when brian was living in his apartment, we met some awesome folks named jeremy and elecia. well, they are getting hitched next weekend. brian is going to be an usher in their wedding, and i am going to read the scripture. elecia’s bachelorette party was this weekend. i’ve never been to a bachelorette party before, so i didn’t really know what to bring. i decided to scour pinterest for some helpful ideas. i really wanted to made a rhinestone crusted alcohol bottle, but they actually live in new mexico, and i didn’t trust it to get home safely. so, i went with my second idea. you can see my letter to her poking out of the bag. it says “read me first.” here is what the letter says:

[for the bride to be]

dear elecia…

this present comes with instructions/explanations. for a fun, yet practical, gift, i decided to get you “days of the week” undies. at this time, please open the package marked with a #1


#1 “monkey around monday,” because i’m sure there’s nothing more you’d rather be doing with your new groom ๐Ÿ™‚ (wink, wink)


#2 “timeless tuesday,” because everyone needs that classic beige, seamless panty that they can wear for any occasion


#3 “wild wednesday,” for those days you wanna let your inner animal come out to play, let the stripes give you courage!


#4 “throwback thursday,” because i couldn’t resist these galactic undies that remind me of the 80’s


#5 “fancy friday,” think french maid. nothing says fancy like black mesh and nude lace ๐Ÿ™‚


#6 “slutty saturday,” when you’re out on that dance floor, make sure your hot pink thong makes its appearance too!


and #7 “superstar sunday,” you don’t need sparkle and metallic to remind you just how awesome you are, but hey, it never hurts


i hope you have as much fun with these, as i did picking them out. i’m so glad my boyfriend did something right by introducing us. i’m so happy for you guys and even more honored that you’ve asked me to be a special part of your day. i can’t wait to share it with you!

notice how the gift bag says, “best gift ever?!” lol. and it was a huge hit. some of the girls even said they are going to use this idea in the future. kinda made me wanna buy myself some new underoos! but sadly, i did not. lol.

we had a lot of fun. here is a picture of me and one of our other friends, kara (not the bride). we also took a group photo in the hotel before heading out to the bars, but i am still waiting for it to be posted on facebook

20131023-221026.jpgyes, my sash says flower girl. LOL! our waiter said i age well. haha

on sunday, when i got home, the house had been vacuumed, dished washed and put away, and both loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded. i was some lucky girl!

it was a little cool outside, and i was a little (ok a lot) exhausted, so i tried out a new quick and easy corn chowder recipe that had just a little kick and was pretty tasty. here is a link to the recipe. i own her book, so the recipe i have is slightly different, but it seems the same otherwise.

then i slept pretty much the rest of the day away.

and finally, to finish out the weekend, i watched the first half of the colts game, and fell back asleep. lol. not gonna lie, i got teary eyed when peyton came out.

all in all, a fun weekend.

this friday is the rehearsal dinner and saturday is the wedding. can’t wait!



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