more tricks than treats

so, since i have the week off, i decided i would try to mostly have fun, but also be productive and get some work done too.

on monday, before spending the day eating and shopping with my friend cheryl, i cleaned the whole kitchen, and did all the laundry. balance between work and play right?

tuesday, i did some crafting, went grocery shopping, then headed to my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday. pretty cute for the big 5-0 huh? 🙂


yesterday was the mother load. i had a list of about 15 things i wanted to get done, and was almost successful in crossing everything off too, but i fell just a little short 😦 here is what i was able to accomplish:

  1. got gas
  2. went to the bank to set up direct deposit for my new job
  3. went to bed, bath & beyond to get a wedding gift purchased, wrapped and shipped to new mexico
  4. went to old navy to return something and use my bonus cash before it expired (snagged a fleece, some super cute fox socks, an infinity scarf, and a pair of my fave spandex yoga capris)
  5. went to my new job to drop off my official transcript
  6. went to penzey’s to get some spices (and couldn’t resist an adorable kitchen towel while i was there)
  7. went to half priced books to look for a few things, but couldn’t find any of them
  8. went to joann fabrics to get some paint, fabric, and mason jars
  9. went to dick’s to look at north face jackets, but didn’t get anything
  10. went into my old (now part time) job to complete my monthly inspection

today i planned to just sit back and relax. i made chili in the crock pot. my chili is pretty delish, but this time i tried it with venison (which i grew up on and love) and it just didn’t really turn out that great. i was really bummed.

i also made garlic lime infused olive oil. can’t wait to try that! one jar is just the olive oil, the other is the roasted garlic in fresh lime juice

20131031-224120.jpgand that’s when it all hit the fan. i discovered that my garbage disposal has been leaking and leaving a disgusting wet mess under my sink. i had a bunch of crap under the sink too! i fixed and cleaned everything, or so i thought, so i put everything back. but unfortunately, it is still slowly leaking, so i will have to have it replaced asap.


i ran the dishwasher, which i haven’t done in forever, and discovered that that was also leaking. ugh! could the day get any worse? yes! while cleaning things from under the sink, i broke a vase and got glass everywhere. i had to re clean the whole kitchen, even though i had just done it on monday.

after that, i decided to call it a day and do some stuff for myself. i gave myself a pedicure, got a haircut, bought myself a new beta fish (named wilbur, after the pig from “charlotte’s web,” of course), and met a friend for coffee.

after dinner brian and i went to cvs to stock up on candy. it’s been pouring rain all day and trick or treating got postponed until tomorrow…but that doesn’t mean that i didn’t want to snuggle up on the couch with some coca cola candies while watching, “scandal.”

and that’s precisely what i intend to do!

tomorrow, is one of my last days off. i think my best friend jenny and i are going to take baby grayson to monkey joe’s to play. the only thing left on my to do list is to go to the post office and mail a package. i think i can accomplish that.

hopefully the rest of the week will be better than today was!




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