thankful, grateful, blessed, and highly favored!

birthdays are not my fave, especially as i get closer and closer to the big 3-0.

it has become a tradition to go to the cheesecake factory for my birthday, and outback steakhouse for brian’s birthday. my actual birthday was on friday.

(here’s me on my birthday, not bad for 29 huh?)


and here is the delicious dulce de leche cheesecake we shared


after that, we headed to the movies to see “last vegas.” it was hilarious! i only drifted off for a few minutes, lol. (if you know me, that’s not bad at all!) i still want to see captain phillips, but it is almost 3 hours long, and i definitely would not be able to hang!

saturday night, a few friends and i met for drinks and dancing downtown. we started at kilroy’s, where i had a delicious shot called “white gummy bear,” a cherry coke long island, and some delicous pepperoni breadsticks.

then we spent the remainder of the night dancing at tiki bob’s. i LOVE dancing, and haven’t been able to lately, so it was a treat. *you know you’re old when you sacrifice fashion for comfort, and start wearing flats, because you don’t want your feet to hurt for the next three days.

here is a picture me and my very best friend in all of the whole wide world. someone who has been there through thick and thin, and i know will be there forever more! how she managed to come straight from work and look so amazing i will never know. and look at those gorgeous locks! i am so jealous i kept playing with her hair all night, lol.

jboogand here is a picture of the love of my life and i. he did so much to make sure i had a perfect birthday weekend, and i really appreciate it!

usi’m behind the times and don’t have a smart phone, so i brought my digital camera with me. but, i had forgotten to put the sd card back in, so if it weren’t for jenny i wouldn’t have had any photos! it’s sad that the camera on her phone is probably way better than my camera anyway, lol.

oh! i forgot to say that on saturday, my mom, brother and sister took me out to lunch for dim sum. yum! i love dim sum. it wasn’t the best we’ve ever had, but it was still fun to spend time with my family. they got me the curling iron i wanted, and a BUNCH of the art/quilting books from my amazon wish list.

since i got a new teaching job, i “needed” a new teacher bag as well, and that is what brian got me. it should hopefully be here by friday. can’t wait!

vbgetcarriedawayindigopop__aoverall, i had a wonderful weekend with the friends and family i love. couldn’t be a luckier girl!

before i go, i have one more thing to discuss. as much crap as there is on facebook these days, one of the things i do actually enjoy reading, is when people post something new they are thankful for every day of november. i like to make it a habit to count my blessings daily, but like i said, this is a welcome break from grouchy posts about sports, or jobs, or neighbors, etc. etc.

with the stress of starting a new job that is totally out of my comfort zone, and with the stress of nearing closer and closer to 30, i have a lot i could grumble about…however, i’ve decided to follow my friends’ lead, and take the high road. i would like to take this opportunity to give thanks.

30 things i am grateful for…after 3, they are in no particular order 😉

  1. first and foremost, of course i must thank our creator, through whom all things were made. i have not always had the most consistent relationship with God, but am constantly working to improve that.
  2. my parents. they have given me so much that i could never repay them for. they have instilled in me the values and character traits to be a great person, and raised me to be who i am today. i don’t know where i would be without them, and i hope to be an equally awesome parent some day (sooner rather than later!) my siblings. 3 brothers and a sister. they have showed me how to share, how to trust and rely on others, and have formed bonds with me that can never be replicated or replaced.
  3. my extended family. aunts/uncles, cousins, grandparents, in laws…if we don’t have family we don’t have anything. they are our roots and our foundation, and i love each and every single one of them!
  4. my friends. for emotional support. for lots of laughs and good times. for reading my blog and taking an interest in my interests. for allowing me to be a part of your lives and your families.
  5. my boyfriend. as any relationship goes, we have our ups and downs. thank you for always working things out so we can move on better than before. i hope to one day be your wife and spend the rest of my life with you and share a family.
  6. my calling. i have been called to teach and make a positive difference in children’s lives. not everyone has the ability or patience to work with kids, but i love nothing more.
  7. my job. i truly believe i was meant to leave the comforts of the private school i was at, to become a part of the head start mission. i’m official!
  8. my creative talents. “our talents are the gift that God gives to us, what we make of talents is our gift back to God.” i try to use my artistic abilities to make gifts for others, and spread the happiness.
  9. my health…we are only given one body…i need to remember how fortunate i have been to be blessed with my health, and do a better job to take care of myself
  10. my house. not many people are able to say they owned a house at the tender age of 25. some people may never own a home. i have a roof over my head, and live close to friends and family. i live in a safe and friendly community.
  11. my car. i know that sounds materialistic, but again i have been blessed. when i graduated from college, my parents gave me a large gift toward a new car, and i paid the rest off pretty quickly. reliable transportation, especially with winter approaching, is something i think a lot of people take for granted.
  12. my education. i have a college degree, and in turn, am an educator. i am not drowning in student loans, and am rarely stressed over financial woes. my new job offers 80% tuition reimbursement, and i plan to take full advantage of furthering my education.
  13. a go getter mentality. idle hands are the devil’s playground and i truly believe this. this is perhaps why i always fall asleep during movies. i cannot sit around and watch tv all weekend, i must be constantly doing something, anything. cooking, cleaning, reading, blogging, crafting, etc. i am always on the go! there is so much to see and so much to do and so much to learn and create, etc. why would you ever want to just sit around wasting the day away?
  14. my heritage. i am 1/2 vietnamese. vietnamese was my first language. in fact, i couldn’t even understand my dad when he spoke english to me. when i went to school i quickly forgot it and would like to relearn it. being asian has afforded me experiences and opportunities i may not have had otherwise.
  15. i know i’ve already mentioned God, but i think religion deserves its own spot too. being raised catholic, dating a catholic man, and planning to raise our children as catholic is something very important to me.
  16. i am thankful for disappointment and pain, because it allows me to also know joy.
  17. for electronic resources…the internet is an amazing thing if you use it properly to gain and share knowledge…to spread the word of a good cause…to connect with far away friends and family, etc.
  18. for books, movies, blogs, music, etc. so i know that i am not alone in this wide world, and have an insight to the minds of other creative thinkers.
  19. for time, which is not promised or guaranteed, and trying to make the most of it.
  20. for opposition and those who wish to bring me down, so i can realize my weaknesses and become a better, stronger person for it.
  21. for heartbreak and sorrow, to make genuine love all the sweeter.
  22. even for small blessings and taking time to appreciate all life has to offer us.
  23. for challenges and mistakes, to make me really use my brain and for the chance to make things right again.
  24. for sunsets and coral reefs and other naturally beautiful sights to remind us just how big and wonderful our God really is.
  25. for memories and laughter and good times to get us through the tough times.
  26. the mundane, because not every day will be amazing and not every day will be awful. some days we should just be still and know that things are working out in our best favor.
  27. for being told no, because we can’t always get what we want.
  28. for freedom, and the many men and women who worked hard to allow us this privilege.

not to get off topic here, but i finally broke down and created a “bit strip” on facebook. i have tomorrow off, because being a federally funded program, we observe all federal holidays. and seeing as how tomorrow is veteran’s day, i took the opportunity to make my first “funny.” however, thanking veterans for all they do is something i do take seriously…i don’t even want to imagine a life where we are not able to do as we please.

work29. inspiration. being an “artist” is not always easy…sometimes you get blocks!

30. and finally, i suppose i’m even thankful for aging. they say youth is wasted on the young, and i think i’m finally starting to realize the truth behind that!

now, i need to consciously remember this list, and live life to the fullest! what are you thankful for?

quality time with the boy…i am thankful for sunday nights! ❤



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