merry christmas to all!

sorry i have been mia since my birthday, but not much has been going on. just working and trying to get some last minute things ready for christmas. my family was very blessed this year.

my mom works out with a trainer 3-4 times a week, so this year i got her a few really nice work out shirts. she also asked for some deer skin leather gloves to wear while she helps my dad build their new house. and finally, i got her a bunch of stocking stuffers, because she is always so good about filling ours, and we all kind of forget about hers.

my dad is a hunter, an outdoors man, and he now owns two horses. this year for him, i went to the tractor supply store, got a really nice feed bucket and just started filling it with stuff. i hate to admit how much fun it was. i got him everything from wool socks to treats for his horses, to a brush for his horses, to a hunting hat that has a special insert to cover your nose and mouth lol.

for my baby tori, i got her a shirt from urban outfitters that she wanted. a pair of really cool shorts from under armour (which i may or may not have the same shorts in a different color scheme). i got her shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and perfume all wrapped up in a super cool scarf from lush, which is a pretty fancy and awesome place to get specialty bath and body stuff. and finally, i got her a vanilla smell good thing for her room.

20131225-193952.jpgfor my brother sam, i made an incredible quilt, if i do say so myself, which you can read all about here. i also got him some nice under roos because he is a fan of those expensive things. i got him some mint chocolate tea that i think he will be a fan of, and also a smell good thing for his room as well. here is the aforementioned blanket. lol


for this ADORABLE pup i got a package of bones and an endless supply of back rubs. she was super lovey today and i could not resist that gorgeous face!


for brian’s mom, i got a subscription to birds and blooms magazine, because she is an avid gardener. for his dad i got the “si-cology 1” book from duck dynasty. and for his brother eric i got “the fault in our stars,” which was the last book i finished reading. it was awesome. you can read my review of it here.

from eric, we got one of those gift cards to like 4 different restaurants you can choose from. from brian’s big brother, brett, who is stationed in hawaii, we got some delicious macadamia nut turtles. YUM! from his parents, we got a personalized calendar for 2014. they also got me a necklace from lia sophia which i absolutely love and have worn almost every day since!

tori got me a really pretty infinity scarf from aldo, which i love.

sam got me an iu vneck (can’t go wrong with anything iu!) and a silicone sheet for baking…but little did he know, i can also use it for art

my parents got me the north face hooded jacket that i wanted in my favorite color, some hunter rain boots, cards against humanity, wreck it ralph, some books that i wanted, and some other goodies.

north faceand brian is going to get me the uggs i want 🙂

yes, i know i made out pretty well. i am super spoiled and super grateful for the many blessing my family and i have…as well as the love and bond we have with each other.

the only thing that could have made it perfect was if my dad was here with me, but i know he’s smiling down on me from heaven. at my dad’s funeral, they played the song “home,” by chris daughtry. whenever i hear it, i always think of him. however, i have been hearing “bye bye,” my mariah carey freakishly a lot lately. i tear up every time. i like to think that’s me and my dad’s new song. i miss him so much, especially around the holidays. i have a picture of him sitting in the recliner with a santa hat on, watching a nascar race. lol. i love that man!

as the year comes to an end, i just want to thank all of you for reading my blog, and following along with me/us on this crazy journey. it’s nice to have a place to get all of my thoughts out and organized, and it’s also nice to have a place to look back on.


here is our christmas card this year…sorry it’s all grainy and pixelated, my scanner didn’t like it too much

xmasif i don’t write before the year ends, i just wanted to say that overall 2013 has been a great year, and i can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!

c & b


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