best day ever!

ok, so it may not have been THE BEST day EVER, but it was pretty awesome, and not to sound materialistic, but mostly because i finally got to finish my christmas shopping for myself!

first, and foremost, brian got my uggs! my other pair are old and have an unrepairable hole in them. my new ones are so soft and cozy i don’t think i ever want to take them off! i should probably water proof this pair though.

bootsthen i went to a small local fabric store for their winter sale, and got a bunch of fabric for an amazing price, including a briar rose bundle! vintagey goodness right there!

briar rosethen we went to a few video game stores and i got a new mario vs. donkey kong game for my nintendo ds. at first i was worried because you have to use the stylus for it and i was not too thrilled about that, but i just played it for a bit and LOVED it. so fun! we also got the harry potter lego game for xbox 360, because we wanted a game we could play together lol. nerds!

mario harry potterand finally, i used my macy’s gift card to get some new perfume. the sales lady introduced me to a new kind that i loved, and it just so happened to be the last bottle, so i lucked out. smells delish and the bottle makes me happy too 🙂

happyoh yeah, i forgot! we got a cool new shot glass for our collection too. it says “in all other 49 states, it’s just a sport, but this is indiana.” and it has a little basketball on the bottom of the glass. how awesome is that?! i will take a picture later, but i am too lazy right now.

then, we had dinner at the ale emporium which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. their hermanaki wings are to die for

wingsafter that, we stopped by my parents’ house. they gave us a WHOLE ham, and my dad requested i make him some ham salad. i don’t know why, because i’ve never made it before, but i guess he has a lot of faith in me as a cook, lol. anyone have any good recipes?

in a few minutes we are headed to our friends’ to watch the ufc fights. i am actually really excited about these match ups, because they are both rematches, and they are all fighters i am interested in, so should be a good time.

i need to head to marshall’s tomorrow for a few things so who knows, i may be back to share about more goodies! lol. my credit card company must love me lately. ay yi yi.




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