presents for me!

ok, ok, i promise i am just about done with my shopping spree!

today i met up with a friend from work for lunch, and so we could have a late christmas exchange and look at these BEAUTIES i received!


yes, i quickly deserted the moccasins i was wearing to don my new kicks, don’t judge! omg i felt like a little 4 year old princess in my new light pink ballet flats. here is what they really look like, and they are super comfy.

tomsburlap is totally my new thing and that pop of pink is too too cute. i’m in love. but when have you ever known me not to love a pair of new shoes?

and speaking of shoes, i can’t wait to see my mom at work tomorrow because hopefully she will have my new hunter rain boots for me.

bootsif so, i may just put them on and walk right out of work! i kid, i kid.

and finally, i have two friends that say i have late birthday gift cards on the way…if that is true, i will totally be purchasing these:

nikesoh my goodness i get happy just looking at them!

i don’t drink, smoke, or get starbuck’s every day, so i’m allowed to have my vice right? it’s totally SHOES! eek. ok sorry, i need to calm down and recompose myself, lol.

and i did make one other rather large purchase today…i got a new…wait for it…

sewing machinesewing machine!! i’m practically drooling right now. before you think i do nothing but blow money all day, it was 53% off, no sales tax, free shipping, and overall amazing. it has all the features i wanted, plus a million more i didn’t even know that i wanted. my grandparents gave me a very nice christmas check that i applied toward this. i also used a bunch of my amazon reward points toward it as well. so after all that, it was a steal. it will make quilting so much easier and more enjoyable. i can’t wait, i can’t wait, i can’t wait!!

one of my new year’s resolutions is to not buy any more fabric until i use up what i already have, and since i don’t work close to the fabric store, i haven’t been going there as much lately. therefore, i think this was a smart investment to make. i already have the fabric i need, and now with a nice new machine i will be spending a lot more time in the craft room this year, that’s for sure!

before heading home, i stopped by my best friend’s house to visit her and my nephew grayson. we had a great time. he thinks i’m hilarious and i love his laugh so it was very entertaining for the both of us. i didn’t want to leave, especially because he was finally starting to give me lots of cuddles, but i had laundry and other chores waiting for me at home.


until next time,



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