year in review…

well technically it’s only half of a year in review, because i didn’t start blogging again until may. but anywho, here’s a quick recap of the last half of my/our year…

from part of may through part of june, i was able to do the paleo diet for 30 days. it was very challenging. i lost over 10 pounds (probably gained it back already), but it was a very interesting and rewarding experience. two of my favorite recipes were the chocolate chia “pudding”

puddingand lettuce wraps…kind of like the ones at p.f.chang’s.Lettuce-Wraps01in june, my mom, brother, sister and i went to visit our family in maryland

20130627-093918.jpgi also went to see kenny chesney and the eli young band in concert with my friend brooke

20130614-112528.jpg 20130614-113348.jpg 20130614-113336.jpg 20130614-112535.jpgin july i was forced to buy a completely new heating/ac unit for my house so that was not too exciting!

but celebrating our 2 year anniversary was very exciting!

20130728-213729.jpg 20130728-213756.jpg 20130728-213802.jpg 20130728-213813.jpg 20130728-213819.jpgmy cousin got married in july, but unfortunately i was unable to attend. here is a picture of us (with my mom) at her shower when she came home to visit

20130525-212119.jpgin august we had a date night in cincinnati to see a reds game

20130824-201845.jpg 20130824-201852.jpg 20130824-201858.jpgand i also got to see miranda in concert for the 2nd year in a row. (not as great as the first time)

in september we had our first real vacation together. we spent a week in louisville and had a blast!

20130903-144610.jpg 20130903-144756.jpg 20130903-145009.jpg 20130903-145339.jpg 20130903-145050.jpg 20130903-145345.jpgin october, we drove to tennessee for our friends’ wedding

20131002-185034.jpgwe also tailgated at the iu vs. penn state game

20131007-094151.jpg 20131007-094220.jpg in november i started my new job as a preschool teacher at head start school 75 and i also turned 29 eek!

20131110-185152.jpgand we were honored to both be a part of our friends’ wedding

20131029-111737.jpg 20131029-111746.jpgi’ve also read these 8 books since starting my goal in august, of reading 30 new books before i turn 30 in 2014!

51OmY4c0GjL._SY300_storytellerziphistory-largeLeonardwolves1381265058000-GREEN-FAULT-BOOKS-934The Night Circus UK

all in all, a great year! can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us.

will be back soon with resolutions and all that jazz.

if you want to check out my year in review of crafts, you can do so here.

hope you will continue reading about our adventures next year too

c & b




2 thoughts on “year in review…

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  2. Eventhough it is May-December, I enjoyed it. I am still bummed that a Miranda Lambert concert is something not under my belt. Plus, I am doing your 30 before 30. Great idea

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