now and later…

i’ve seen these “lists” on blogs a lot lately, and you know i’m a list maker! so this is right up my alley. i’ve seen it called “currently,” and i’ve also seen it called “taking stock.” i’d like to just call it “now,” because i’d like to gauge my present feelings/state of mind, before moving on to the “later” portion, which will include my “resolutions,” or goals for 2014. enough said, let’s begin…

Making :  time for myself, and time for God
Cooking :  lots of grain + vegetable “salad medleys” such as orzo with tomatoes, and cous cous with zucchini
Drinking :  lots of teas, mostly fruity ones. also matcha
Reading:  currently, “gone girl.” book number 9 in my quest for 30 before 30
Wanting:  more quality time with my boyfriend and my family. more opportunities to create memories
Looking:  at makeup tutorials…need all the help i can get! lol
Playing:  cards against humanity. oh my goodness…so many laughs
Wasting:  all the craft items i own that have been put on the back burner for quilting
Sewing:  quilts for the two men in my life, brian & my dad
Wishing:  i could get my new beret to look as cute on me as it does on everyone else
Enjoying:  blogging and hearing feedback from family, friends, and followers
Waiting:  on God’s timing, and trying to be patient and trusting of it
Liking:  a million inspirational ideas on pinterest
Wondering:  what’s going to happen next season on scandal!
Loving:  country music!
Hoping:  this winter stays mild and spring comes soon!
Marveling:  at the speed in which everyone in indiana seems to move. i suppose slow and steady huh?
Needing:  a more satiable appetite for “things” and “stuff”
Smelling:  marshmallow fireside…my favorite wallflower scent from bath and body works
Wearing:  leggings, sweatshirts, and uggs. could live in this outfit!!
Following:  my siblings on twitter. crazy kids
Noticing:  time waits for no one
Knowing:  idle hands are the devil’s playground
Thinking:  this is getting redundant
Bookmarking:  mobile coupons. i am the coupon queen!
Opening:  bills! trash, home owners’ association, car insurance…the list never ends
Giggling:  at brian’s impressions; pee wee herman. he can always make me laugh
Feeling:  tired, in need of a vacation, and not wanting to go work in the morning. boo

well that was fun. maybe i’ll do one at the beginning of every month and see how much it changes? i say that now, but i probably won’t. lol

anywho…although i love how a new year feels like a fresh slate, a chance to start over again, i don’t so much love the resolution part. last night at the party we attended, brian went around and made everyone tell their resolutions. one of the girls said her resolution is to not make anymore resolutions. agreed! what’s so special about january 1st, that was so different from december 31st? nothing.

of course i can give the cliche’ i hope to lose weight and save more money bit, but unless i actually commit to eating healthier, working out, spending less and specifically putting money aside…day after day, month after month, they are just useless words, empty promises. therefore, i would like to make more specific “goals,” if you will…that seems to be more beneficial and successful for me. to each his own.

1. first, and foremost, i would like to completely repay my mother. she loaned me some money for the down payment on my house, and also for the disney cruise we went on as a WHOLE extended family. at the beginning of 2010, i owed her almost $15,000. i just gave her $750, and now i owe her exactly $1,000. i feel like in 4 years that’s not too shabby right? i hope to have that balance down to 0 by summer, if not sooner.

2.  as far as savings goes, i would like to save at least $250 a month. i can probably accomplish this a lot easier, by going out to eat less, packing lunch more, and spending less on things i don’t exactly NEED, just want…using fabric and other craft supplies i already have vs. buying more, etc.

3.  drinking more water and tea…and less soda. notice how i didn’t say giving up soda completely? but drinking just one a day at dinner is way better than what i have been doing. once i accomplish that, i can probably even make the switch to coke zero, although i’ve heard that those are just as bad, if not worse, for you…so might as well enjoy my one vice in moderation right?

4.  eating healthier, snacking less, serving smaller portions. not being lazy about cooking/preparing meals/lunches.

5. being more riding, swimming laps, zumba, etc.

6.  praying more. talking to God. reading bible passages and devotionals to help me solve conflicts with myself and others. attending church more consistently.

7. more me time and doing what makes me happy. reading, crafting, blogging, playing with my nintendo ds, watching animated movies, etc. (and of course finishing my reading goal!)

8.  communicating more with family and friends. being more extroverted.

9.  being more easy going. not taking things so personally or getting stressed about small stuff.

it’s really bothering me that i can’t think of a tenth goal, because i don’t like odd numbers. but oh well, lol. yes i am very quirky like that!

and just because this post has been very textually heavy, here are a few pics. this is what i was doing last night when i was supposed to be at the party. lol. really i was just super annoyed that i couldn’t get my beret to look cute. ugh! it’s this big hair.


lol, yes i’m a goober. i really want to change that picture of brian and i at the top, since it is super old, but i like how we are all decked out in iu gear, and it matches my iu background. what do you all think?

alright, time to write goals on my craft blog and get off this computer.

happy new year everyone!



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