the snowed in chronicles…

i’ve been on “christmas break” for over two weeks now. i put that in quotes, because since i have not been at my new job for 90 days yet, i am one of few who don’t get paid for said break. therefore, i had to pick up hours at the hospital (my “old” job). i took off 1/2 of christmas eve, christmas day, and new year’s day…other than that, i was working. i even went into work for a little bit yesterday morning to help out, because no one else would…braving the storm and all. when i got home, brian had shoveled and salted the whole driveway…i thought we were good to go.

i decided it was time to finally redo my toes. if you know me, then you know that i have THE most ticklish feet in the world, and really don’t enjoy getting pedicures, because i pretty much squirm the whole time, trying to control myself and not involuntarily kick the pedicurist. therefore, i had to learn a long time ago, how to do it myself. i also think feet are gross, and keep my toes nicely manicured at all times. it’s a must. i went with the new pantone color of the year, “radiant orchid,” and a pop of gold, because i was feeling glittery.


i didn’t do much else, except a bunch of fabric cutting for future gifts, a ton of reading…i’m over 80% done with the book i’m currently reading and it is intense! i also watched kevin hart’s, “let me explain.” hilarious as usual! brian and i have been playing our new video game (lego harry potter) together…don’t judge, lol.

so, it’s about 9 pm. we are getting hungry. we call every pizza place in the surrounding area. no one answers the phone. we call the mexican place, still no answer. we decide we are going to weather the storm and venture out for some food. (keep in mind we got a kroger gift card for christmas, and saw everyone posting about their last minute trips to the grocery store, but did we prepare? no. we open the garage and are shocked to see that all of the shoveling from the morning was done in vain, because the driveway was completely covered. we cleared it yet again and were able to find a jack’s pizza for brian, and a tostino’s pizza for me. ugh. lesson learned, lol.

this morning, we had a slightly better brunch of leftover honey ham that i made in the crockpot the other day, fried potatoes (that were AH-MAZE-ING) if i do say so myself, over easy eggs, and bagels with cream cheese. voila

brunchfor dinner i suppose we will have leftover stuffed shells and meatballs that i was planning to pack for lunch…but, seeing as how i don’t have work tomorrow either, i guess now’s as good a time as any.

the mayor personally asked all businesses to shut down today and our county is under a wind chill advisory. i heard that if you are caught out driving that you would be cited. yikes, is it that deep? because i am really craving a 44 oz fountain soda right about now. grrrr! let’s hope this all lifts and i can head to the store soon, before i am forced to share brian’s chef boyardee with him. ew.

oh yeah! this weekend i also learned how to play the card game called “hand and foot,” with our friends. it was really fun. supposedly our friend is coming to pick us up tonight so we can go to their house and watch the national championship football game. if this turns out to be true, we will for sure be making a stop for coke, because i have about 3 left and that’s not gonna cut it! is it sad that i am snowed in and my only concern is for a fizzy lifting drink? don’t answer that.

c & b


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