friday night, we finally made our way to noblesville to meet baby jacob. what a sweetheart! he is so tiny, it was like holding a loaf of bread. he was so good too, hardly ever cried, let me feed and burp him and slept on my chest. i could’ve laid with him all weekend! we ordered pizza, rented a movie, played scattegories (which i love! and won by the way, lol) and made it into an adult slumber party.


on saturday i tried a peruvian restaurant with a friend, and although they were out of like three things we wanted to try, it was still pretty delish.

today we did lots of laundry, i did some crafting, then we finally did some MUCH NEEDED grocery shopping.

you know you are getting older when you are excited about the awesome lunch you have prepped for the next day, lol.

i also have a pork loin marinating for tomorrow night’s dinner. can’t wait!

i’m a little annoyed, because the pipes in our school burst, and apparently the heat went out too, so the flooded standing water then froze. thursday and friday we had to do trainings at the administration building, but tomorrow they split us up amongst the other centers around the city. supposedly they considered where we live while deciding where to place us, but i highly doubt that. seeing as how i live NORTH WEST and have to report to the center named SOUTH EAST, in GREENWOOD! ugh.

i think the reason i wanted to lay low and not do much this weekend, is because i was super sad. friday should’ve been my dad’s birthday, but as you all know, i sadly lost him to cancer in 2007.

dadnot a day goes by that i don’t miss him and wish he was here with me.

today on the radio, “one more day,” by diamond rio came on and i just lost it 😥 luckily brian was waiting for me when i got home and he wrapped me up in a big bear hug and let me cry.

i know he is smiling down on me from heaven.



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