hair’s the story…

so every once in a while, i get restless, and want to make a change…that usually involves my hair. the last time i had this feeling, i cut it all off…you can read about it here, if you want to refresh your memory. (still trying to grow it back by the way.)

this time, since i am turning 30 this year, and keep finding grays, and having a midlife crisis (haha) i decided i wanted to do something with the color. however, since i am cheap and lazy, i wanted to compromise on something that wouldn’t have me scheduling an appointment with the stylist every few weeks, lol.

i found this reverse ombre’ on pinterest, and it was decided.

20140120-200345.jpgthis way, i could keep my natural color on top, and just make a small change to the underneath/bottom.

here is my before picture, bright and early, excited in the car on the way there…


and here is my after picture. not exactly like the picture, a little lighter than anticipated, but i’m still a happy camper. he also said i can come back in if i want to make it darker. what do you think?


here’s a pic of my brother, pat, and i. he has been with me during both of these “big change events,” lol. awwww sib love!


here i am playing with my nephew keegyn after my appointment. (pat’s son) my kee kee is soooo cute! i love him! he brought me an iron man seek and find book and we looked for iron man’s shoes, lol.


and here i am today, testing out my new hair, and my new hat!


very french, oui? lol



3 thoughts on “hair’s the story…

  1. I am loving the hair. It will change up color a little based on products you use, but this blend is nice. Is it bad I thought you were going to say it was time to buy a wig? Good to see Pat and Keegyn too.

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