i love weekends!

i said it once, and i’ll say it again…i love weekends!

friday was date night, dinner and a movie. i even got brian to go see frozen with me πŸ™‚ you know someone really loves you, when they endure animated movies for you. all.the.time. lol. you know we were the oldest ones there, when we were the only ones laughing during a particular scene, that wasn’t intended to be funny. the princess was singing a song about how their castle had been closed off to the public for years. i believe that exact quote was, “what’s the point of a ballroom, with no balls.” lol. yeah, we were “those” people haha. it was a pretty weird story line, but i laughed A LOT and the songs were catchy as well.

saturday, we went to our friends’ house to watch the fights. it was a pretty good night for me, because both of my guys won. donald “cowboy” cerrone, won in the first round, by a kick to the other guy’s head. benson henderson also won his fight. i like him too. i really like the wings tattooed on his back. i hate how his hair is always in the way and he’s always pushing it back. he should get it braided like the other fighters do. duh! i had to deal with brian talking crap about him in the background the whole time, but he still won so who cares lol. it was fun to see elliott and kara’s house for the first time too. it was so cute! her and i scoured pinterest for wedding ideas for her. i’m starting to think that wedding planning would be a good profession for me.

today was pretty lazy. tried to do some laundry but my dryer is apparently broken. it runs, but there was no heat. i may need a new one. tired of having to fix/replace all the appliances in this house…maybe it’s time to move?

other than that, it’s FINALLY back to school and my kiddos, after what? FOUR weeks of being gone? one of my coworkers told me we have a bunch of crap to catch up on, so not looking forward to that at all 😦 all of the other schools have a 2 hour delay tomorrow, except us! ugh

next weekend urijah faber fights, and it’s the superbowl. really wish i didn’t have to work mondays, that would be so awesome, lol. brian said we should have a urijah faber weekend, which means we have to do whatever urijah would be doing. especially since that means we would have to cut weight down to 135 pounds on friday. bwahahaha. no. lol

alright, going to make us some tea so we can wind down for the evening. 6 am is going to come TOO SOON!



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