a red and green valentine’s day??

green gift bag and red tissue? aren’t green and red supposed to be christmas colors? well not if you are dating brian. his favorite color just so happens to be green, and i purchased the gift wrap to match the presents inside…20140218-200727.jpg

first, the 1 up pillow. i found it very fitting that while brian was away at a video game weekend with the boys, i decided to make him a pillow featuring an icon from a video game lol. we all know he is a huge gamer…i, on the other hand, only like the classics, such as mario brothers and donkey kong. i’m pretty awesome at both of them, if i do say so myself. in fact, on our second date, i even challenged him to a super mario brothers dual. i don’t think i have to tell you who won. (ME! lol)

anyway, since his favorite color is green, and i thought it was pretty cute, and we always argue over the same two pillows on our couch, i figured what better personal, yet practical gift?!

here he is loving on it…


on the back, i wanted to practice my letters, so i put “get a life.” not to be mean, but because if you have ever played the game, the green mushroom gives you an extra life, lol. hence the name, 1 up. he is a pretty sarcastic guy, so as you can see, he thought it was pretty clever.


the next picture is pretty blurry, but i wanted to capture the rush and excitement of brian opening his other gift, because he is a brat and figured out what it was. here he is, ripping the package to shreds lol.


i got him the “official, authentic, cream and crimson adidas break away candy striped pants,” the iu basketball players wear while warming up. he dropped his pants immediately to try them on haha. he could hardly contain himself. he said, “this is the moment i have been waiting years for.” lol. what a weirdo


they were a little long, so we are going to have to go exchange them. i got them online, so hopefully they have them at the store too. the sizing info wasn’t the best, but what can you do. i think he is supposed to go to the iu vs. ohio state game next week, so maybe we can have his pair ready to go by then.


i think i did a pretty good job this year. however, now he thinks i should make more pillows for the couch featuring other characters and items from the game. lol. he also thinks i should make a zelda quilt. i think he’s cra cra.


here is what he posted shortly after the gift exchange. awwww


brian made me something very personal and special this year, that i wish to keep to myself. we are also going to my favorite restaurant of all time this weekend, benihana’s. yay! yay! yay! yay! lol

you know how much he hates taking pictures, but we haven’t taken many lately. here is my first attempt, he wasn’t looking at the camera…


second attempt, his eyes are closed…


third and final attempt, this is probably as good as it’s going to get, even though he looks more asian than i do, lol!


don’t worry, when we look all cute this weekend for dinner, i will force more photos out of him.

we also had brian’s best friend and his wife visit this weekend. she is expecting, so we kept it pretty low key and relaxing. plus, they ran into the bad snow storm on their way in on friday night, so that put a lot of stress on them.

we went out to eat and went to dave and buster’s. it was a good time, and fun to catch up with them as well. hopefully we will see them before baby madden is due in early june.

c & b


2 thoughts on “a red and green valentine’s day??

  1. You made a mario pillow! That is firmly on my make list, it just felt weird to make one for myself, and no one else I know would have wanted one (my husband says its too realistic). I’m hoping someone nerdy in the family has a baby soon so I can make a baby quilt of it, before I cave in!

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