21 things from ikea…

this weekend, i finally got to go on my much anticipated cincinnati trip! it had already been postponed about three times due to various reasons…mostly weather, and almost got pushed back again this weekend! but, we persevered and had a very tiring, but very awesome day trip 🙂

i stayed up way too late on friday night, and had to get up earlier than i get up for work on saturday morning. this is my, “i’m exhausted, but still raring to go” face, lol 🙂 i even “borrowed” brian’s notre dame football shirt without him knowing, lol. he technically gave it to me once, but “doesn’t remember.” i think it still counts! anyway, i wanted to be super comfy for a busy day.


first, we headed to ikea.


for the kitchen i got:

a new cheese grater. it’s pretty spiffy, because it has both a small and large side, and it attaches to a container, to catch the shreds! the one i have now is hard to hold…i’m always afraid i’m going to cut myself. plus, i have to hold it just perfectly over something and hope it falls at just the right angle. and finally, it doesn’t have what i consider to be small enough holes for the desired size. i plan to use this when i make homemade laundry detergent.


next, i got another set of cork heat pads/trivets. i always get this three pack when i go to ikea, because throughout the year something always seems to happen to them. i accidentally turned on the wrong burner once and ruined one.


i also got these really nice flexible cutting boards. i like to designate certain colors to meat and other colors to veggies.


i was really excited to find this salad spinner at such a great price! usually they are about $20, but this one was $3.99! even if it doesn’t work that well, it was less than $5. can’t beat that! i love salads, but the prep part sucks, especially when you are waiting on soggy lettuce to dry!


and just because, i got this really cute tea towel. it’s springy and colorful 🙂


i also got a new stepping stool, because i am too short to reach the spices and some other tall shelves in the kitchen. the one i have now is still pretty short, and not too sturdy either. this one is heavy (before assembly) and has two steps, so i know it will get the job done. i’m considering painting it before putting it together, but haven’t decided yet.


for brian:

i’ve always wanted one of these vintage looking alarm clocks for decorative purposes, but they are usually more than i am willing to pay for them. again, this one was like $5.99 i think, and since brian’s phone alarm hasn’t been working lately, he is actually using this as an alarm clock too, lol


between allergy meds, acid reflux meds, inhalers, etc…brian has a lot of pills! i found this really cool travel bag that actually “pops” open and stays in place. it’s roomy and has a few interior pockets too. he really liked it.


for my classroom:

well, this is kind of for me too, i must admit…i love foxes! but my kids really love the song, “what does fox say?” i thought this mama and baby were too cute to resist.


i also got these finger puppets that i think will really bring story time to the next level! lol 🙂 i got a set of animals, and a set of fairy tale characters. i think i’m going to read “puff the magic dragon” tomorrow, and use the dragon (dinosaur?) puppet.


for the craft room:

i don’t know exactly what this organizer is intended to be used for, but i plan to put it on the sewing table, next to the machine. in the small compartment i will put bobbins, and in the large compartment i will put things such as scissors, seam ripper, ruler, etc.


ok, i was a little disappointed, because i really had my hopes up for the fabric section. well, most of them were thick fabrics for home decor, with large prints. those aren’t good for quilting. there were a few that i really liked that were polyester cotton blends that i don’t work well with either. so i only ended up getting one fabric. you cut your own fabric there, but the person before me bought like 6 yards of it, so when it got to me, there was only about a yard and a half left. i told the cashier that, but she must’ve felt bad because it was the end of the bolt, and the person before me did a crappy cutting job…so she only charged me for 1 yard. it is already washed, but i have no idea what to do with it. just really loved the colors, patterns, and especially the goats, lol.


i also got this large and super cute polka dotted rug. i LOVE it! hopefully it will catch all the loose threads now, and they won’t get stuck down in the carpet. i tried to put some heavy items around the edges, because it kept wanting to roll back up. hopefully it has settled now.


i also got this amazing mini wastebasket in my favorite color. how adorable is this?! i still need to put the handles on the sides, and also one on the lid. i plan to use this as my new trashbin for scraps and such.


for decoration:

the pillows on our couch are pretty horrible quality, and have been starting to fray at the seams. although the covers have zippers, there are not pillow forms inside, just stuffing, so it’s not like i can just buy new covers either. we have a pretty big couch too, so replacing all the pillows is going to be pretty pricey. eventually, i want to have a hodge podge of all different pillows. i couldn’t resist this polka dotted one. i love the colors and the linen. i may even keep it in the bedroom or craft room and not out on the couch, lol


i thought this frame was pretty unique and cool looking. in my next house, in my craft room, i want to have an “inspiration wall” of sorts where i can just hang any and everything i want. this frame will for sure be on that wall.


i liked this frame too. the raw wood and jigsaw edges really caught my eye.


oh my goodness i LOVE LOVE LOVE this clock! i didn’t want to get it at first, but it was 30% off, my favorite color, looks pretty vintage and would make the perfect focal point for the aforementioned wall, don’t you think?!


and last, but certainly not least! i got a functional and super cute lap desk. lately, i have been looking up a lot of cross stitch patterns on my ipad, so this is perfect for those times i want to kick back and relax by watching a movie, but be productive and work on a small craft project at the same time. and clearly i have a polka dot problem, lol 🙂


all that shopping made us hungry, so we headed to papadeaux for lunch. we had never been before, but heard amazing things about it. good thing we went for lunch, because it was pricey! we shared two kinds of oysters, and both ended up getting blackened mahi with cheese grits. delish!



after that, we went to the outlet, but there wasn’t really much to brag about there. i got this hooded fleece for a VERY good price, but that was about it

north face

oh yeah, i also got two fossil charms for my ever growing bracelet. it’s so gaudy lol. i got a bubblegum machine and a chinese food takeout container.

bubblegum chinese food

and finally, because she had never been before, and wanted to go at least once, we went to jungle jim’s international grocery store. brian and i went once before and it wasn’t as great as i expected it to be.

we had planned to get home by 7 or 8, but it was more like 10. what a long, adventurous day!

sunday, brian and i did some chores around the house and went to the grocery store. then we went to dinner and rented “catching fire.” still not as good as the book, but then again, they never are.

the time change has made me pretty tired and cranky today, so when i get home i may just read and relax and head to bed early. the weekends are never long enough!



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