restless leg syndrome…

clearly i don’t have that! but i simply can’t sit still. i have to be doing something productive and worthwhile. friday night brian and i went out for our favorite mexican food. then we came home and caught up on a couple of our shows. really loving brooklyn nine nine!

yesterday, i spent the morning making a pretty awesome lunch tote, if i do say so myself.

20140316-173144.jpgthen we went to marshalls (got nothing, but brian wanted to go), target (i got no show socks and brian got shampoo, lol), joann’s (for my fabric fix of course!), bath and body works (for some new wallflower plug ins), walmart (so brian could get new windshield wipers), michael’s (so i could get paint for a project), old navy (needed new jeans and had a coupon), bed bath & beyond (needed replacement heads for my electric toothbrush) and finally dinner at pizza king. then we went to kelly’s to watch the fights…that weren’t very entertaining if you ask me. brian did get me some pineapple/coconut fusion rum that was delish though 🙂

oh yeah, i forgot to say that on friday after dinner we went to lowe’s. surprisingly they already had pool noodles for sale, and i snagged two. they were $1.98 each. i cut them both into four pieces, and used them as inserts in my boots. it keeps them standing tall, without creasing. i found this idea on pinterest. i’ve seen similar inserts at marshall’s, but they were skinny and flimsy, and $10 for one set. i totally recommend doing this!20140316-150057.jpg

and brian helped me put together my mini wastebasket for the craft room. it was so difficult! since it was from ikea, the directions were not in english. ugh. luckily i figured out a way to rig it, or else it would’ve never had handles!


today we swept and mopped all the floors, and vacuumed. did all the laundry, including the sheets (hate putting those back on the bed. grrrr), and got lunches ready for tomorrow. thought sundays are supposed to be relaxing, but like i said, i don’t know how to do that, lol.

since i’ve been blogging, brian has been napping. going to have to wake him up soon for dinner and grocery shopping. will probably try to cross stitch or read a bit tonight before bed. one more week until spring break! yay! i REALLY need it that’s for sure!



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