spring “break”

i put break in quotes, because although this is my second week off from teaching, i am back at the hospital picking up hours. last week wasn’t entirely a bust…i got together with a few friends, did some shopping, saw a few movies, crafting of course, went out to eat A LOT, and even went out to the bars TWICE. lol. you know that’s a lot for me, since i have turned into quite the homebody in my old age. and i even did my hair TWICE too, so i was feeling pretty special, lol



20140401-200125.jpgbrian hates when i do what he calls the “blue steel” face from “zoolander.” i call it duck lips (like the rest of world) and i think it makes my face look thinner. lol. plus i feel like my snaggle tooth on the bottom is getting worse 😦

but just because i’m working this week, doesn’t mean i can’t still manage to have a little fun too! i finished another book toward my 30 before 30 goal, got a lot of work on my craft projects done, and tomorrow we are going to a pacer game! we are both off friday, but haven’t decided on any concrete plans yets.

and since we are already starting spring and 25% done with this year, i thought it was a good time to update my “currently” list:

Making :  crafty friends online
Cooking :  tonight we had chicken, rice, broccoli casserole…wasn’t as good as i anticipated
Drinking :  “applesauce shots” which consists of apple pucker, pineapple juice, and goldschlager…yum!
Reading:  just finished, “the husband’s secret,” book 13 on my quest to 30 before 30. may start reading “burial rites” next
Wanting:  more paid days off 🙂
Looking:  at any and everything on instagram
Playing:  harry potter lego on xbox 360 haha
Wasting:  time, when i should be doing other things
Sewing:  quilts, pillow covers, more quilts, and more pillow covers
Wishing:  for clarity
Enjoying:  my ombre hair, at least when i can get it to cooperate
Waiting:  for a sign
Liking:  warm weather and wearing sunglasses in the car!
Wondering:  what the meaning of everything is
Loving:  my new tiffany’s horseshoe necklace
Hoping:  the pacers beat the pistons tomorrow!
Marveling:  at all my new fabrics 🙂
Needing:  for this sore throat to go away asap
Smelling:  my new organix tea tree shampoo and conditioner…yum!
Wearing:  comfy pajama pants and an oversized vneck…time to lounge
Following:  paul george on instagram. talented, and handsome too 🙂 lol
Noticing:  i am a million times more emotional than the average person
Knowing:  i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Thinking:  i want to go get orange leaf and get some delicious froyo
Bookmarking:  online deals that i want but don’t need
Opening:  the roof of my car. yay!
Giggling:  at the april fool’s day prank we played on our friend at work today
Feeling:  confused

ok, i suppose it’s time for me to do my hair for tomorrow’s outing and get some shut eye.

will try to post again before school resumes on monday



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