awesome weekend!

i didn’t write about it last weekend, because we were still pretty down about it at the time…but long story short, brian and i went to cleveland to visit friends, and he had some car trouble. we took the bus home, and left his car there to be worked on. this past weekend, he took the bus back to pick up his car, which left me free to paint the town red! (although i would paint it mint, because i hate red! lol)

on friday after work my friend and i made queso dip and headed over to our other coworker’s house for ladies night. it got a little risque, so i won’t divulge too much info, lol.

on saturday i headed downtown for my good friend ashlee’s daughter archer’s birthday party.


she’s three! and cute as can be! i got her a dress and some cool blocks. i just got a text from ashlee telling me that archer has been playing with the blocks nonstop. music to my ears 🙂dressblocksashlee and tyler surprised her with this new bike. she just so happened to be wearing the dress i got her last year for her birthday 🙂


i was working on something else for her, but didn’t get it done in time. perhaps i will bring it to her brother, griffin’s party, or save it for christmas. which reminds me, i thought griffin’s birthday was at the end of june, not may, so i need to get a move on, on his gift!

after that i went to dinner with the bestie and grayson. we tried out a new sushi place in town. the wait staff was a little too much to handle, but i got to see this handsome gentleman so i was a happy camper!


after dinner, we went shopping…of course! but jenny had given me a joann’s gift card for babysitting once, and it was burning a hole in my pocket 😉

on sunday, i helped out for a few hours at the hospital and made a much needed grocery trip. when i got home i prepped lunches and dinners for the week. so excited to not have to worry about what to cook or pack each day!

i did some laundry and crafting and before you know it, brian arrived home from ohio, complete with dinner. he even agreed to watch one of my favorite movies, “love jones,” with me.

overall i got a lot accomplished and got to hang out with some really cool people. hopefully the warm weather is here to stay and another great weekend is up ahead 🙂


update: ashlee just posted this picture of archer in her new dress on instagram. ADORABLE!!





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