summer nights!

♪  ♫  holler if you’re ready for some summer nights  ♫ ♪

in case you are not as well versed in country song lyrics as i am, lol, that little line was my way of introducing the fact that i got to see rascal flatts on saturday!

i’ve been waiting to wear my new mint tank top with little crochet cut outs…and my hair wasn’t cooperating, so i just threw it in a messy bun with a matching headband. somehow i ended up looking something like a 1920’s flapper girl lol. but hey, one of the guys selling beer gave me a compliment on my headband haha


and of course, since i don’t get very many (normal) occasions to do so, it was the perfect time to rock my cowgirl boots.


ok, so i’ts not quite summer yet, but boy am i ever ready for it! it ended up being FREEZING! and they did not start playing until it was literally pitch black outside. we had to surrender one of the blankets we had brought to sit on, to wrap up with instead. also, the ground was still wet from all the rain we’ve been having, so luckily my best friend was smart enough to plan ahead, and brought a trash bag to put under our blanket.


aren’t we adorable? i sure think so! lol


although the concert wasn’t very long, and they didn’t sing all the songs i was wanting to hear (mayberry and i won’t let go-which i’m determined to have as my wedding song) i still had a lot of fun. gary levox is an AMAZING singer, and they were all such great performers. i am a sucker for a man who can sing, and it was an awesome show. i knew it was gonna be good when they came out to, “timber,” by kesha and pitbull…”it’s going down!” lol

on sunday, brian’s mom came to visit. we took her to lunch and orange leaf for a belated mother’s day celebration. then we headed to our friends’ house to watch the pacers BEAT the heat!


another great weekend under our belts…can’t wait for the three day weekend up ahead…we have a lot of fun stuff planned 🙂

❤ c & b


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